Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Lots Going On Out There !

California sheriff arresting innocent residents off the street.  "For every illegal alien with a criminal record I release, I'm required to arrest a law abiding citizen off the street or even out of their home if necessary."

Graham calls biden admin a "shitshow", immediately apologizes and calls for amnesty for all illegals, past present and future.  Secretly calls Joe Biden on batphone and pledges allegiance to Democrat party.

Marco Rubio - There are UFO's flying over US military bases and the government has no clue what they are.

Couple questions there Marco.. So why are we paying you people and Why the hell are we paying you people? 

Biden's Secy of Defense orders all F-22's to have the capability to shoot themselves like F35 can do.

Marketing people in terror of offending someone now showing humans in commercials as just big multi-colored blobs with patches of hair and random numbers of limbs.
Biden was talking the other day and mentioned "Jim Eagle" as some sort of racist thing.  We went to our experts to find that a "Jim Eagle" is a Republican dog faced pony soldier and a Racist Eagle in the middle of a malarkey orgy.
We are all relatives of George Floyd.  I want my money !
Pelosi opens sessions now with drinking of blood from the Judas Chalice.  All Democrats partake. Republicans balk but eventually join in.
Jimmy Carter begins 2024 presidential campaign. Says "Hell if Biden and that black girl can do it"

All teachers must now be certified for ideological perfection. Just partly socialist isn't good enough. Just partly Communist isn't good enough.

Juan Williams states it is impossible for black people to commit crimes.

Dog Loves Unicorn - Hell Yea !

Pence announces 2024 run for president.  In a public announcement event, he yawned repeatedly, snored, and chanted the same phrase over and over until everyone left.

Russian Dating Profile Pictures.  Guess these are real.  Feel sorry for people living in an environment that too many Americans want to emulate..  Get your profile pics now kids!

Drug mfg's claim their vaccine is 100% effective in people who are 100% Not at risk for Covid.
California outlaws gasoline and diesel powered cars.  Residents buy electric cars, then discover CO2 output at power plants used for recharging cars is through the roof. Rogue residents sabotage and destroy power plants.  Now no one can drive.
2024 - Newly minted female pilot slides into the left seat of cockpit, looks at her co-pilot and asks "So where are we heading today?" He responds "Cleveland".  She says "Oh Hell no, we've been there 3 times this week, we're going somewhere else !"  They end up in Newark.  Granted both cities are about the same. Passengers still upset over destination snafu.  United did not immediately return calls for comment.
Democrat Governors Issue New Covid Mandate.  Everyone must wear 3 pair of underwear when in public, at least one from another gender and do the swag dance every 15 minutes.  Your phone will ding when it is time to Swag!  Don't have a phone, we'll give you one!  Study the following Vid until you have it memorized.


  1. One day, the American people will come to the realization that they (every one of them) are federally classified as “the usual suspects.” What this means is that we’re all subject to arrest, at any time, day-or-night, with or without a reason. Not to worry though. In our system, every citizen once charged as an outlaw has a right to an attorney that charges $800/hour for services guaranteed to end in our conviction. Eat your heart out, people in Nigeria.

    Lindsey ... just when you thought South Carolina was a normal place.

    I finally stopped getting invitations from Marco to contribute to his never-ending campaign for reelection. I responded to one of his (twice daily) solicitations suggesting that based on his performance as a US Senator representing the people and state of Florida, he (at that moment) owed the people of Florida $10.9 million in unearned income. My share was $20,000. I gave him 30 days to pay up. Since then, chirp ...

    Biden’s Secretary of Defense ... the poster child for affirmative action AND why I’ve never been in favor of it. Biden’s Secretary of State ... the poster child for the progressive campaign of saving Xenophyophorea. Biden ... the poster child for euthanasia. We really shouldn’t let him suffer.

    I’m really torn between which of these two is my true heroe: George Floyd or Treyvon Martin. I’ll make up my mind once I receive Jerry’s feedback. It may be a while since Jerry hasn’t returned from his trip into Love Space. Heck, he may never return, and I can’t say that I blame him.

    Wait ... doesn’t Jimmy Carter share the same storage canister with Mike Pence and Walt Disney?

    I was on the edge of buying an electric car. Almost did it. But then I figured, it’s only a matter of time before we have electrically powered flying cars with an unlimited-length of power cord attached to them, which will make them 100% safe. So, I’ve decided to wait for one of those, which comes equipped with a hands-free Google Steering System.

    Question: Do pilots of color include the denizens of the desert? I’m only asking because ... well, never mind. I don’t fly United anyway. I’m sure it wouldn’t have an impact on Delta or Transcontinental. BTW, if you're looking for a better quality of peanut, Delta is your airline.

    I will never forgive you for that picture of the Swag Lady but at least now we understand the sudden upsurge in homos.

    1. Mustang, You did well on this quiz grasshopper. Or should I say Mr Grasshopper Sir. I'm not very smart but I do know to stay away from Feminists...

      Rubio - That's the way to handle those miscreants. I did similar on my RNC donation form.

      Did you hear the Pope is recommending Floyd for sainthood?

    2. Don't worry about the sainthood thing ... it's counterfeit.

    3. I was thinking Racism, but Counterfeit... Ok.

    4. All good stuff in the latest issue of the Diary. Unfortunately, the signal takes a while to get to me way out here in the nether space regions. I do take some issue with the stray illegal dog illegally immigrating into the local Dollar Store in order to steal a stuffed unicorn. This has caused some inflation and is exactly why I can't afford my own stuffed unicorn at the Buck Fitty story in my zip code. Why is Mustang silent on this crime? Could the stray be working and smuggling chew and snuggle toys out of this establishment for him? 'Blade out.

    5. Just as we suspected Mr Blade. Mustang and I pitched in and bought a helium ballon based combination antenna/cell tower/300 baud modem/ham radio that you can tether to your igloo up there in the frozen North. (Mustang still owes me. I would caution entering into any large ticket item deals with this guy.)

      Mustang tells me only Navy squids go to the dollar store so he doesn't care what happens to the place.

      If you're short on cash, I guess you could sell some of that high tech stuff we just sent you then we'll just wait week or more to hear from you again. Well, tell the missus and any nearby animals you're fond of that we said Hi.

  2. "Study the following vid?" I can't even LOOK at it!
    Also, I tried to make more comments to these points but they're ALL SO GOOD, either funny or either FAR too true!, I can't pick JUST ONE!
    Great stuff again, Kid!

    1. Z, HA !

      Thank you so much Z ! Sounds like you got a smile.

  3. All teachers must now be certified for ideological perfection. Just partly socialist isn't good enough. Just partly Communist isn't good enough.

    That actually happened four decades ago in the Fairfax County Public Schools Personnel Department, the department which hired new teachers.


    I have no doubt that Dem governors will issue that executive order. Heh.

    1. Teachers - why am I not surprised :)

      I hope they don't AOW, I can't get that head shake and finger twirling thing down to save my life.

  4. The kitty engagement photo is a real palate cleanser. **no sarcasm**

    1. Thanks AOW. I love all the animal stuff.

  5. That "Swag"lady looks like my last dance partner at my last Arthur Murray Dance Lessons.

    1. Damn, Odie ... this isn't the confession booth. But go in peace my son.

  6. Hmmm. Looks like they're about to declass "everything" in a few months. Huh. You'd think people would be worried about gov cert ufos, but apparently not. Too busy drowning in maskery? In the meanwhile, DOGE$ continues its upwards climb.

    Irony loves fate, we hope.

    1. I don't believe in UFO's but if they're here then all the more interesting in my retirement.
      Let's hope if they eat people they'll go for the politicians first.

      Go DOGE !

    2. I never believed in UFOs either, Kid ... until I started watching Ancient Aliens. I mean, seriously, it's on TV right? Besides, if you don't believe in UFOs, then how do you explain Democrats?

    3. Mustang, In an abstract moment of thought, and more than once, I considered that some democrat politicians actually are aliens.

      Speaking of the ancient ones, does it ever occur to people that the Egyptians had more than people to help haul rocks for pyramids? Oxen for example. Hundreds of oxen. Gotta laugh at pictures of hundreds of people tethered to a harness pulling these rocks around.


  7. Everything that the Democrats believed is falling apart for Democrats. They are hiding behind piles of razor wire and 30,000 troops they don’t trust, and Biden and Harris are visiting bakeries while avoiding inner cities in turmoil and at the border, where all the CHAOS is going on.

    The Democrats who told them that Trump “colluded with Russia” — are now telling them that the election wasn’t stolen.

    The Democrats who told them Trump said neo-Nazis were “fine people” — are telling them the election wasn’t stolen.

    The same Democrats who told them Trump advised to “drink bleach” — are telling them there isn’t any CRISIS at the Border.
    What we need is to have this Moron in the White House, and his Vice President, throw OUT of office.

  8. I would love to have an educated and respectful dialogue about your concerns of someone who identifies with being against police, as I am PRO POLICE . And the very moment that you start cursing, name calling and coming up with false accusations, or Blaming Donald Trump and have ZERO evidence to back up your claim, you just get deleted, and UNFRIENDED ..