Sunday, September 9, 2018

Well Gololollee, Here Is a Galaxy Traveling At 4.35 Million MPH

Click the picture por favor.


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    1. Ed, Yes, and more. It could be an abstract representation of the democrat party.

    2. Only if a jack ass is attached to it?

    3. IMP, There is a jackass attached to just about everything. Except present company of course.

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    1. So much beauty out there Adrienne. Infinite. Always be sure to click the pic, then click again once at APOD to get the high resolution image.

  3. 4.35-million mph? Why hail, that's even faster'n a Chevrolet runn'in in a circle!

    1. How many tmes faster than the speeds of both Light and Sound could that be?

  4. What I ask is....what's their hurry, where are they going and shouldn't we follow them to find out? But if we're only turning at about Mach2(?) we'll never catch up.

    1. IMP, I suggest this galaxy is getting away from libtards. Warp 1 would do it. 669,600,000 Miles per hour

    2. That's putting it nicely Ed.

  5. Ovomits real legacy...white cheerleader girl defends herself from a huge blob of cholesterol.

    1. IMP, black chicks starting fights?? :) Ovomit's legacy will fit in a outhouse by the time Trump gets done with him.

    2. Barrio Booboo, the Jug-Eared Jig, set back race relatiins a good hundred years.

      He taught me how to hate.

  6. Franco, well sound is about 750 MPH depending on air density. Light? Not even close at 186,000 miles per second. 669,600,000 MPH

  7. Maybe they're runnung from this?

    Mexico is engulfed in a narco guerilla war, a war, a war of attrition. America is next. Mexico is a failed state. Only bad things come out of failed states. America has received it from Mexico, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Ethiopia, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo, China, North Korea. All of them failed third world Islamic or Communist states from which America imported legally and illegally tens of millions. America too is headed to failed third world state status. Just a matter of time - but the clock is ticking fast.

    1. IMP, Only if America lets the left win.

    2. IF the left is winning, it's only because of two things:

      1. Education was taken over long ago, subverted and perverted by leftist insurgent intellectuals from Europe

      2. In 1965 DemonRats in power arranged te DELIBERATE IMPORTATION of hordes of unenlightened, less-advanced, non-white foreigners many of them hostile to American values and traditions by nature to change our culture and upset the balance of power demographically –– much as OUR ancestors had disrupted and virtually destroyed the INDIAN tribes who greeted US when We arrived..

  8. Serena Williams...Planet of the Apes unleashed. Make them stick to the rules....and they froth at the mouth, riot, burn loot and go ape shit.

    1. IMP, Right but in this one Singular case, apparently male players have done the same thing with no fine, so I give this one a pass. But yea, I read about blacks all day long in the 'news' being above the law, then bitching when they show up at the morgue with some lead jewelry embedded in their bodies.

      They're violent. It's in their genes, their DNA. I'm tired of all of them. They already get more than white people so fuck em. Take all that shit away like affirmative action and tell them to STFU, get an education, or learn a trade, get a job and buy your own bread.

  9. I'm just happy this galaxy was not forced to wear a swim suit to win this Hubble photo competition.

    1. I really wanted to see the combination plasma and star dust infused Bikina DaBlade. I'm disappointed.

      I would not watch the miss America crap if you paid me and had a couple beauties giving me a massage at the same time. Well, wait a minute.........


    Meditation on a Tragic Anniversary

    A radiant cloudless morning
    ___ air fresh and clear
    ______ sky the brightest blue
    _________ mood mellow
    A lovely young day bright with promise ––

    And then a gleaming silver shell appeared
    ___ mirroring beautifully the morning sunshine
    A Thing of Beauty –– but horribly out of place
    ___ like a spacecraft from an alien planet

    Dipping crazily far too low upon the skyline
    ___ before anyone could feel the menace ––
    ______ it smashed directly into a gigantic upright construct ––
    _________ one of a pair ––

    Twin monuments to Greed and Vain Ambition
    ___ some were quick to say

    But sudden violent death eradicated
    ___ an entire investment firm
    ______ in one horrific instant ––
    _________dozens of bright young lives
    incinerated –– gone!

    Before dazed onlookers could begin to understand
    ___ what was happening
    ______ another silver shell acting as a missile
    _________ crashed into the second of the giant pair.

    Ugly buildings! A hideous blot
    ___ on the once-graceful Manhattan skyline.

    “Ada Louise Huxtable might secretly rejoice at this,”
    ___ part of me thought wickedly, for I had always resented
    ______ the overbearing, outsized twins ––
    ____________ Bounders! Interlopers ! Invaders!

    But before that ruined day was halfway through
    ___ three-thousand innocents had been
    ______ burned alive, brains and eyeballs boiled
    _________ skulls pulverized, skeletons crushed
    between twisting, white hot girders
    ___ pelted with falling rubble midst the flames
    ______ caught, crippled, crumpled, smashed to bits ––
    Smothered in collapsing stairwells and buried alive
    ______in a torrent of red hot cinders and debris

    In so many ways the scene must have
    ___ mimicked the final hours of the residents
    ______ of Pompeii and Herculaneum

    And then there were those hideous echoes
    ___ of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire ––
    Where so many jumped to their deaths
    ___ to escape being burned alive ––
    In an instant smashed skulls, broken bones and bloody pulp
    ___ were all that remained of their vibrant young lives.

    And not so long ago in Benghazi –– to mark the anniversary
    ___ of this Great Triumph of Barbarity over Civilization
    ______ our young, handsome, well-meaning,
    _________ hopelessly naive, ambassador to Libya
    was surrounded in his quarters,
    ___ dragged out into the streets
    ______ beaten, sodomized and brutally murdered.

    But what does any of this matter?
    ___ What difference does it make?
    Let’s just forget about it, and MOVE ON.
    ___ Might as well.

    We are privileged to live in interesting times.

    Kyrie eleison!
    Kyrie eleison!
    Christe eleison!

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. Come on back tomorrow Franco, we're going to do a day after analysis of 9-11 unless I get hit with a suicide bomber at lunch tomorrow.

    2. I can't wait and I'm loaded andready for the Michael Browns and Tryvons...both of who are thir THUG martyrs.

  11. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, but don't think I want to live there..

    1. Bunk, Think of the constantly changing celestial scenery though !

    2. The Cosmos is like the sea –– always moving, never stable –– even for an instant.

    3. Franco, yea, but the climate is changing out there. As soon as the aliens figure out how to tax us. Hey, maybe they have.