Friday, September 7, 2018

From the Depths of DPRK's Kim Jong Palace

Kim Jong Un:  General Won Hung Lo, come qwrik !

HL: I'm here Greatest Leader, ready with compriments, DLTN, and backup DLTN.

KJ: Very goods Hung. Now guess who Op-ed writer to New Yorks Times is...

HL: After thoughtful second, Hung Lo guess is Omarosa dog.

KJ: Laughing, No Hung, it was me, Dearest Leader !  I'm troll Great Tweeter Real Good ! Oh Ho Ho.

HL: Oh Ho Ho's Dearest One, that is more genius than I'm has ever seen !

KJ: I'm knows it Hung.  I'm working on more letters too.

HL: How can I help Great Leader ?!

KJ: Find DPRK General or General Wife who speak with very good Engrish accents and we will start making crank calls to American democrat poriticians.

HL: Oh Ho Hos Dear Leader, I'm drowning in genius now.  Actruary my wife Sweet Cherryot speak Engrish vely good !  I will go and get her right away if you approve !

KJ: Vely Good General Hung, I'm start writing scripts for funny crank calls in meantime.

Kim Jong sits with thinking cap on looking dreamily into space writing in own DLTN and twirling hair on top of head. ...

"Elizabeth Warren call:  Dear Senator Warren, you not knows me, but I work in White House and had to call and warn you.  Donna Trump say you are biggest liar and you are ugly as a grey beaver too.  He gonna have Jeff Sessions open special counsel on you to investigate all ill-gotten money and they are going to confiscate it from you and put you in prison.  He say Hirry Crinton join you there shortly and he make sure you share same cell. And Hirry Crinton rike girls, especially ugry ones."

KJ thinking aloud.. Next we call Cory Bookers..

"Dear Senator Bookers, you not knows me, but I'm works in White House. I found documents signed by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, stating he is member of NAMBLA and also KKK.  Also signed by Donna Trump and plan attached to deport all black peoples except for young black brown sugar boys which they will lock up on what they call pedo chicken ranch.  Be same thing as DPRK Comfort Women Resorts, only young boys.  Also plan to steal all democrat campaign funds and use for building chicken ranch and also waterboard torture rooms."
Kim Jong wonders who he gonna do next.


  1. Ho ho ho ... this will undoubtedly work on America's far left. If brains were made of dynamite, those yo-yo's wouldn't be able to blow their noses.

    1. I'm thinks so too Mr Mustangs !

      They want it so bad don't they? I think they'd buy it.

  2. Hirry likes ugry girls? Takes one to know one!
    Good post, Kid.....

  3. Herro, Magzeen Wawas!

    Plezident Tlump sei yu ugriest ting he eval seen negs do Hirry Crinton, Nan si Pero si, an Chug Shoomoo. We have big pran to kidnap yu to you in Taw Chaw Wooms –– Fliten plizzunoos big time. Mei kem kunfess do climes so we kan stlap 'em ondo wockets and zen dem do Wowda Speis.

    "BOORIFOO!" sei Glate Wedaw Kim Jong Un. "Wi gib yu big medoo!"

    1. Franco, I like the tying them to rockets part as long as they don't pass out from the G force. We want them to enjoy the ride.

  4. I should have suspected that KJ was up to no good. He needs to be careful though. If bad boy Spartacus Cory Booker finds out he was played, he might release a non classified document on him. And if Hirry learns of this ruse? She's coming, and she's bringing hell with her in the form of ugry girls who tech.

    1. It will no doubt get interesting Mr Blade, about as interesting as a fat ugry female in a pantsuit. I don't think Cory is smart enough to know he's been played.
      And Warren is about as clever as a one trick beaver.