Sunday, September 16, 2018

I Like Coronal Mass Ejections....

I can't imagine what goes on there.  The surface of the sun is made up of countless thermonuclear explosions.

Click the pic for the top secret explanation.


  1. These CMEs are a little scary. It takes a perfect aim for a kill shot, but when the sun puts it's gun sideways, wears its pant low and starts talking 'ghetto', we'd better duck. Some think that a CME in 1859 was responsible for knocking out telegraph service with the dinosaurs in Siberia near Tunguska. I dunno. Way before my time.

    1. Mr Blade, Dang, my comment went into one side of pelosi's head and never came out.

      We had a chicken little older girl in the office. Freaked out about anything like this. Stress level max most of the time and she looked like it too.

  2. Replies
    1. Hey T4E, I agree the sun is a scary place, but it's been doing its thing a long time and the planet is still here. It's that supernova ya gotta look out for.

  3. "I Like Coronal Mass Ejections...."
    Who doesn't?

  4. The sun is like a campfire –– or fire at the hearth of an old-fashioned house in the dead of winter –– the kind of houses we had before we developed central heating. The warmth generated does a great deal of good. It b rings comfort your surroundings as it enables you to cook, while the sight of it brings cheer and reassurance.

    HOWEVER, those useful, cheerful fires soon become deadly enemies if they manage to escape the confines of the campfire and set the trees ablaze –– or shoot sparks nto the room while sending a stray log rolling onto the floor that could wellburn the house down.

    Yes the sun warms us. –– It is in fact the single greatest single force that makes iife on earth possible, –– BUT –– like the campfire in the wildrness, or the blaze in your home fireplace –– no one can get very close to it without being severely injured.

    What am I trying to say? Maybe that even the BEST things do not serves us well once they are removed from their rightful position.

    Fire is at once our best friend, and our deadliest enemy.

    I think it's safe to say that is probably true of all the elemental things, and that mankind will NEVER establish a successful COLONY on the SUN anymore than he will ever get a good night's SLEEP lying down in the MIDST of a blazing FIRE.