Saturday, September 22, 2018

In Case Any Of This is New Info...

It ain't a pretty post, but I didnt want to spend a lot of time on it.

BK - Brett Kavanaugh
CF - Christine Ford
DF - Feinstein

CF's Character profile:
- has TDS
-pussyhat wearing libtard activist, donating money and time to retard causes.
-Scrubbed social media after accusation made

Says she was 15 but can't remember the year or the address of the home of the party where she claims she was assaulted.  Not very good at math.

By not revealing a date or a time and place, BK has no way to defend himself as he can't prove he was somewhere else at the time.

Female friend who at first corroborated her story has now backed away and no longer supports the tale.

CF Sat silent through at least 6 vettings of BK.

CF Brother worked for law firm that interacted with Fusion GPS.

Soros connections:

Debra Katz, the attorney representing CF is vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight, an organization that has been directly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Katz is also a hefty Democratic donor, giving thousands of dollars over the years to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leftist candidates, as Front Page Mag reported.

BK's Mother ruled against CF's parents in a foreclosure case in the 90's. Why did CF Deposit a story with a couples therapist...

Romney, when running for Pres in 2012 revealed he could potentially nominate BK for the Supreme Court. In 2012, CF went to therapist and talked about BK sexual assault (for the first time ever) with a therapist and with her husband along.  Romney didn't win so no reason to pursue.

In this session CF said 4 guys, today say 2 guys.

DF won't release the letter from DF to the rest of the committee.  Is that legal?
Rick Seidman - Dem Super-Activist


Kavanaugh's accuser is being advised by Dem super-activist Ricki Seidman who derailed Robert Bork's nomination, found a reluctant Anita Hill & convinced her to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Above text is a link not formatted properly.

Repubs better take the women's underwear off and vote this guy in, or they will get no one in.


  1. Actually, the mother of Kavanaugh's story as far as Ford's folks are concerned isn't true.
    The rest I TOTALLY agree with...particularly the truth that Romney talked about Kavanaugh filling a Justice spot if he won......SHE may not remember the year on that, but WE DO!
    And yes, she's rotten at math :)
    Great post!!

    1. Thanks Z ! I never thought I'd do a post like this but the level of pathetic deserves recognition in anyone's Dairy..
      Why don't the repubs recognize the left isn't going to give them a pass even if Jesus Christ comes and testifies for BK ? That's what really bothers me about this.

    2. I just don't get it,'s like there's some BIG PLAN and we're not privy to it and we're all just along for some awful ride..........I trust too many Republicans to believe that, but you wonder, don't you? Why are they allowing the Left/media the upper hand?
      If they REALLY ARTICULATED what's happening, facts and figures, we'd win.
      They don't, the jerks.

    3. Z, Agree. If they just put their case out there, only the morons would not accept it and no matter what - the morons will never accept it. NOTHING to gain.

  2. Let's play ANAGRAMS:











    1. Lol, Franco I can't even rearrange the letters in 'Bob' to come up with somthing else.

    2. I make it easy for you, Kid.

      The last one is STUPID GOP ASSHOLES.

      You take it from there. ;-)

    3. Franco, the only way you could make it easy for me is give me the answers. :-]


  3. According to Tucker Carlson, if the vote isn't done by Thursday, the Senate rules indicate its over --thats why she wants to wait to testify.. Not very clear but here is the link...

    1. Thanks Bunk. If the repubs let this go..... wow. As mentioned at your place, I hope the focus will be on kicking these repubs out but only when they can be replaced by conservatives and let's hope to God they run for office.

    2. The GOPRINO's are the mst power weapons in the DemonRat Arsenal.

    3. Painful Franco. Imagine laying down for these vile disgusting dem pukes. I wouldn't do it for Money !

  4. America has transformed itself into a country where any man can be found guilty of anything solely on the strength of unsubstantiated allegations. Now if this is not an alarm bell of ear-shattering proportions, I don't know what is. F*ck!

    1. Mustang, agree of course. The perception of the structure of our society has been so compromised and made terminally confusing by the left, the homo's, the commies, the moslem savages, I do wonder if America can pull itself buck up by its ass.

      Diversity and PC are a couple of the big hitters to neuter what was a strong moral society.

      Italy is pulling up now. 4 other countries at least didn't even push the stick forward. I think it's gonna be a while here. Maybe after every American female has been raped by some fucking savage and they are all willing to talk about it.

    2. Prosecutors and plaintiffs MUST have skin in the game. But shit, even Trump has backed away from tort reform for the medical industry.

    3. Mustang,
      How in the hell are men supposed to know what's acceptable in the courtship dance? Video each step of consent?

    4. AOW, Notorized documents of consent would not even help.

  5. She doesn't want to face BK.
    It used to be only children did not have to face the defendant out of concern for traumatizing them.
    this woman is such a snowflake she demands to be treated like a child.

    1. Ed, All libtards stopped developing mentally at age 3. I'm SERIOUS !

  6. Replies
    1. Of course not. What shithole would they move to, and why do they think we give a fuck? Oh no! some libtard might move out of America! ................... It's comical.

  7. Scrubbed social media after accusation made

    Is there not way to recover that information?