Friday, May 8, 2009

U.S. Indicates Willingness to Talk to North Korea

Well, let's see. When George W Bush was President and Condi Rice was Secy of State a scant 4 months ago, Kim Short Dong Jong Pingpong was in the process of destroying his nuclear plant, returning to six party talks and being as nice as a criminally insane evil mass murdering dictator could be.

Now that the Silver Tongued Diplomacizer - Barak Obama is in the White House, Kimmy has tested an ICBM, is rebuilding his nuke plant and is planning to start testing nuclear weapons.

Maybe it's me, but I get the feeling Obama and the new Secy of State Clinton don't have a freakin clue about how to deal with the rest of the world.

In fact, Obama so far has:

- Pissed off our true 'allies' the UK and France
- Apologized to mass murdering dictators and our enemies
- Shown Russia that the current administration is incompetent to the point that they can't manage to verify the translation of a single word that they imprinted on a worthless piece of crap 'gift' they gave them.


  1. There isn't one thing that the Obama has done which meets my approval. He's FIRED !