Wednesday, May 13, 2009


PaLeaseeee stop sending emails all over the place, and especially to Me, that have some quaint 15 page story with the cute moral at the end that makes the case for capitalism or conservatism.

Like the 8 guys who go to a bar and divy up the bill using some idiotic logic, then on page 19 you find out how some of them get screwed and you're supposed to be able to instantly reconcile that against Obama's current tax plans....or how the grasshopper gets all the stuff the ant worked his butt off for all summer.

Liberals don't have enough attention span to have gotten past word 4 of this post !!!
Rational thoughts are useless against people with No Capacity for Rationality !!!!!!!
They Don't Care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I get these emails I will delete them with even more extreme prejudice than I do that idiotic moronic email that ignoramouses are STILL forwarding around claiming Microsoft will Pay You for Forwarding Emails!!!! (and it's True because the person who sent it knows someone who knows someone who is a Lawyer) Holy Crap !!!!!!!!!!!

I return you to your regular programming.