Thursday, May 7, 2009

Global Climate Thingamabob

Is the Earth getting warmer? Since 2000, it has gotten cooler. But I must acknowledge, that since the last ice age ended 18,000 years ago, the planet has probably gotten warmer and warmer with less snow and ice to reflect sunlight. And some say there was a mini ice age that ended in 1850. Well... No wonder temperature measurements indicate a warming period the last couple hundred years. Shocka!

Couple of quick points. It is not MY job to prove that global warming doesn't exist or that man has no part in it. It is the job of the lunatics that make such a claim to prove that it is happening and that man or even CO2 plays a part. Quick, what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2? 0.0383% according to Wikipedia. Four 10ths of One Percent. My God folks..

Ok, my thrust here is not to try to disprove the global climate thingamabobs as mentioned in the above. I don't even care if it IS happening. I don't believe we caused it or could do anything to change it. That view is shared by Many in the Science Community. They are not being published or given air time but they are there.
My point is that if countries around the world are going to spend Trillions of dollars directly and indirectly trying to avoid that which may not even be happening then I say they should all go to the abyss and take a good look into hell, because that should be their final destination for concocting and executing such a moronic waste of value and resource in a world with its current spate of problems.

The problem on the Earth right now is a lack of resources. Food and clean water. Access to basic medical care and supply. There are 6.5 Billion people on the Earth at present and they predict 9.5 Billion by 2020. That's 11 years away. And that population explosion, if it is uninterrupted, will occur in the poorest parts of the world. The money should be spent on solving this problem.

Embrace the change of a warmer Earth. The warmer periods of Earth are its more natural state and are known to be Times-O-Plenty, which means more food and clean water which is exactly what we need based on a much more predictable forecast - the population of humans on the Earth. Spend the money on developing desalinization plants so you can build one in Kenya without breaking the bank.

The Al Gores of the world are going to be directly responsible for the suffering, starvation, and death of millions or billions of people. Therefore Al Gore should go straight to freakin Hell and do not pass Go you piece of toxic waste with the funny accent.

Al and friends and business partners are already responsible for the suffering of millions of people by playing a large part in the insane rejection of inexpensive workable energy in our time(coal, oil, nuclear) in favor of unproven and non-economical energy (wind, solar, tidal force).

Ethanol for example has exploded the price of corn from $2 per bushel to $6 per bushel. And because of that, farmers want to only grow corn because it pays more so if the world needs soybean (or anything else), the farmer says, fine pay me more to grow the soybean to compensate me for not harvesting corn at 6 per bushel. So the price of everything goes up and more people go hungry. See how this works?

Go to hell Al Gore. Really. The sooner the better. The rest of you folks, how about putting some thought and research into it. If it was THAT EASY, we'd be doing it already dig? If money was to be made by propelling 100 million people to work and back just in the United States using some other form of energy, someone/group would be doing it already and making trillions of dollars. This is why capitalism is so great. It brings the best products and services into existence.

So, maybe oil and coal pollute. Too bad. In the mid 1900's, they had to keep the streetlights on in Pittsburgh Pa because the sky was black from the steel mills. It's only 50 years and the air is now clean there. It is a constant improvement situation, and 50 years from now it will be better, but I do not believe there is any alternate form of energy that is ready for prime time plug and play for the masses.

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