Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy,

How old are you for God's sake?

SIX Freaking stories about your attendance to many interrogation method briefings in which you were in attendance ??? To add insult to injury; now that you've been outed as a complete liar in all this you are being a perfect liberal and attempting to blame it all on someone else. The CIA no less. Why the f* would they lie at a congressional briefing ? They take their lawyers. You have your lawyers. They tell you what they intend to do. You can Object at that point. How can this possibly be anyone elses fault?

They call it Pathological for a reason. It means, you lie about everything whether you need to or not !

What, your dog ate your notes is going to be story number 7?

Well, this is the state of our dumbed down country today isn't it.
  • A Racist, Fascist, Idiot Flim Flam man who couldn't put a complete sentence together without a teleprompter if his life depended on it in the White House
  • An arrogant buffoon in the number two spot who screws up at a level of J Kerry times 35,000 every time he opens his mouth
  • And You, 2 heartbeats away from the White House. You, an ignorant, uneducated, pathological lying moron concerned only with self-gratification.
It would be funny if so many lives weren't going to be f* over the next probably 10 years or so, followed by hundreds of millions of lives who will be f* by the fact that you idiots spent all the social security and medicare money and many will be living in poverty without access to decent health care because you will also have f* up the health care system so you could redirect all that premium money through your worthless asses in DC.


  1. she had to put her last word in,never done to ANY president.i saw that on tv,luckily her teeth didn't fall off,LOL.