Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Right Way to Fix Health Care Costs

Create a new agency if need be, or use existing agencies like the FBI to zero in on the massive corruption in the health care industry.

It is a known fact that the system is chock full of fraudulent claims from hospitals (mainly) and doctors to insurance companies. I read an article about one hospital in California that was found to be guilty of hundreds of millions in fraud in a single year. This stuff is like cockroaches folks. You find one, I triple guarantee you, there are thousands if not more. Guess how much that shit adds to your health insurance premium.

Anyway, Crack the hell down on this fraud like the SEC would be doing with all things Wall Street - If its agents didn't spend their day consuming themselves with on line porn.

Start putting lots of people in jail. People living off millions per year don't like jail, even if it is a country club jail.

That problem industry will start turning itself around.


  1. You know, so many "in the industry" have to know about all the corruption and fraud, and the fact that no-one from the gov is going after it also says they condone it, and imo it is because they want private health care to fail.

    They want those health ins premiums going through DC. They may Need them to do so. I've been thinking for a while Social Security is bankrupt right now. I think the 2041 story (and sooner now that the economy is in the crapper) is BS.