Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It begins. ;-) My First Glimpse at Life - (That I remember)

I was 4.

My brother Steve, who was a year older than me, was crying at the front door. The front door was a double door. The inside door had an etched glass panel in it. I knew I would break the glass someday but oddly enough I never did. Between it and the outer door was a vestibule. Imagine. A Vestibule. Yet, we were not living in a class part of town. Orchard Avenue. Avalon. Pittsburgh. Pa. Earth. Milky Way.

We were on the right side of the tracks however. To be on the wrong side of the tracks we'd have to be floating in the Ohio River.

Anyway, He didn't want to go to Kindergarten because the bitch of a teacher he had pulled his hair the last time he went.

My mom told him he had to go.

I wondered what was in store for me next year.......

fade to black.

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