Monday, May 4, 2009

Man I hate Liberals

It's because of Liberals like these morons worrying about actions taken on detainees (who would behead them, their wife, their daughters, and their pets as soon as look at them) that we have this kind of shit going on. LINK

He raped and killed and burned the body, then was let out because the Liberal mind set isn't able to deal with evil, and now a 13 year old girl has died a violent disgusting death. I'm wondering if you'll deal with him this time. Maybe since it happened in Ohio. If it happened in California or some other liberal dysfunctional hell hole, I'd have serious doubts.

Why don't you idiots do the world a favor and constrain yourselves to baking cookies, critiquing Sean Penn movies and stupid trendy restaurants and let the serious business of Life on this rock to people who know how to deal with it. The more liberal activist judges and legislatures do the worse things get.

Talk about recruiting terrorists. YOU are most definitely as responsible as anyone through your mind bogglingly stupid and sociopathic decision making processes.

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