Thursday, March 26, 2020

If Only You Lived to be 4.8 Billion More Years Old

Here is what your night sky would look like.

Heck yea, click the image and read the description.  It's not like it's gonna bite ya.  And click again for a bigify.  Deposit a quarter and get a free horoscope of 4.8 billion years from now courtesy of Dynamo the impossible magician.  Tell em I sent ya.


  1. This sent me off investigating Weisshorn in Arosa, Switzerland. Of course non of the pics of the mountain include the fabulous view of the stars. I honestly couldn't even follow how they did what they did. I can barely take a picture that isn't crooked.

    1. Digital Joinery Adrienne. Some of these space pics combine visible light with X-Ray images with filtered light based on chemical composition images and who knows know what else...

      Anyway, Close up View of the galaxy digitally combined with the Earth bound mountain to give the impression we were about to do a galaxy collide. Which would be fine with me btw.

    2. Ummmmm - what the hell did you just say?? That might as well have been in Swahili for all the sense it made to me.

  2. Looks to me like a UFO tipped on its edge. RIGHT? (Smile)!

    1. Z, That's an entire galaxy of billions of stars and trillions of planets full of God Knows What of course! Imagine what you'd find there.

    2. Tipsy flying saucers are the worst!
      Careening around, crashing into planets....

  3. "Ezekiel saw the WHEEL way upi n the middle of the air."

    1. We are the wheel Franco. always going round and round ending up where we started.

    2. The New Jerusalem may descend sooner than most of us knows. The WHEEL Franco is speaking of.
      Regulus and Jupiter will align between 2030 / 2050.
      There will be alignments up with the stars to tell us of the time that is.
      Remember seeing the 5 Plants that aligned with the moon / 2002 Jan or Feb; best seen at dusk. September 11 2001, and then the 5 plants.
      The Comet ATLAS is coming pretty close to Earth. Some say that after Comets pass, someone Rich, and , or , Powerful will die.
      Princes Diana passed after Hale Bopp.
      And then, come the specter.
      All this stuff will be around the time Regulus and Jupiter align.
      There will be a few - signs of the Stars.
      Will NASA publish the pictures of some signs?
      Ever trick someone ?
      Are we being tricked ?
      Does anyone know of anyone with Coronavirus ?
      Are all we see - file footage ?
      I'm sure there has been news coverage of sorts, of inside Hospital scenes.
      Call the Hospitals in New York and ask if there are beds available. Someone has.
      A very interesting answer.

    3. Nuthin gonna happen Anon.

    4. What if The Article 5 Convention is scheduled and all of a sudden
      A Pandemic is declared. What then? Dems have their Governors in control
      of the majority of the States, and Decree a Stay in place Order. Then anyone
      going to the Convention would be pulled over and arrested.
      Think about it.

    5. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our STARS, but in OURSELVES.."

      Good old Shakespeare! He covered just about everything that really matters –– all the way back in the late 1500's and early 1600's.

      We haven't learned much of any real value, despite our marvels of Science, Industry and Technology, hae we?


      Question: What is the meaning of Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel vision?

      Answer: There are only two Old Testament scriptures that directly reference this strange heavenly vision of a "wheel within a wheel" observed by the prophet Ezekiel.

      The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was the color of beryl, and the four of them had the same likeness. And their appearance and their workmanship was like a wheel inside of a wheel . . .

      "And I looked, and behold, the four wheels were beside the cherubim . . . And their appearance was as one, the four of them, as if the wheel were in the midst of the wheel"

      ~ Ezekiel 1:16, 10:9 - 10, HBFV.

    7. Maybe the dems will overreach and it will do them in.

  4. The sky is beautiful, of course. But I'm more concerned with this dude's living room. The erosion has taken out the TV wall.

    1. And the hot tub DaBlade.

    2. At least he doesn't have to leave from the front door when he needs to ski down for groceries and t.p.

    3. Problem is taxpayers (probably USA taxpayers) have to haul his ass back up the mountain Mr Blade so he/she/they can look at the sky for a living. How can we get on that payroll?

  5. These are Inescapable facts: China knew in November 2019 about the Coronavirus and they INTENTIONALLY lied to us and to the world about its outbreak. Not onl President Trump to step up its propaganda attacking the United States by spreading deliberate lies about the pandemic outbreaky did they LIE to the world, but Chinese Presiden Xi Jinping refused any help from the United States, and the rest of the world, to prevent the virus to spread. They did not close its borders to prevent carriers of the virus from transmitting it outside of their country or from the affected area They kept the problem silent and they refused to sound the alarm.

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