Monday, March 9, 2020

A Plan For the Border

Was that really 1986 ?!


  1. The Progressive Pigs on the left need something to squeal about, so the Progressive Press Propagandists are doing the job for the Progressive Politician Pigs They've screamed "Wolf" too many times and they have rung the clappers off the alarm bells too often..

    They still haven’t learned that Good people don't like being called Nazis, and millions will go to the polls simply to vote against whoever is smearing them. Be it Bernie Sanders, or Creepy Joe Biden. They certainly can’t scream about the Economy that is exploding, or about ISIS being crushed or about a peaceful solution to North Korea, so now they have the Coronavirus to blame on Trump!

    Once again we have the racist communist antisemitic lunatic spouting falsehoods

    Bernie Sanders is a Communist stooge. He rationalized brutal communist tyranny while repeating their antisemitic obsessions

    Fact Bernie did homeymoon in the Soviet Union. Meanwhile actual Jews even some on the far left were protesting to free Soviet Jews. Bernie never once met with dissidents or lifted a finger as Jews and others rotted in gulags.

    Bernie supported the Sandinistas as they were butchering Indians. When confronted he said I am no expert.

    Bernie visited Cuba and still praises Castro. He repeats myths about healthcare and literacy.
    Bernie has a lifetime of repeating every Communist cliche.

    Bernie Sanders, a Jew was praising a regime that banned the study of Hebrew and was actively sending Jews to the gulag. Even Jesse Jackson raised individual cases. Bernie found time to speak volumes on everything but never once mentions mistreatment of Jews in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua.

    And so Bernie is now toast. The Democrats did him in again. Bloomberg did his damage, with the help of Lizzy Warren, and helped the party stab Crazy Old Bernie in his back, and will help Uncle Joe Biden who is little more than a ventriloquist dummy. But better a ventriloquist dummy than a lying Communist stooge.
    How can anyone trust a man who praises Castro and has issues with Benjamin Netanyahu!i

    1. Seems like more people are talking about Biden's dementia lately. I don't think he'll be the nominee. I think it may end up being the beast again.

  2. Can you imagine a U.S. President, a Senator, a Representative, a Supreme Court Justice –– or your children's Schoolteacher for that matter –– performing their duties unshaven with unbrushed teeth, and uncombed hair in baggy, threadbare jeans and a dirty T-shirt after not having bathed for a month? That's exactly how it's going to be with a Democratic Socialist in the White House.

  3. Well I have a few words for my friends on the Left, the Poor Misguided Sheepeople. To those that are using the Coronavirus to try to make President Trump look bad in every conceivable way. As well as all the other BS that they have been perpetuating these days. I have no doubt that they have been brainwashed by a Communistic, and Socialist Progressive group that wants to take over America. It is so sad they don't have the brain power to see what is happening to them. But I do blame the educational system and those kid's Sports, Entrainment, and Hollywood idols for this. And I also lay blame on us, the conservatives, for allowing this to progress this far. We need to wake up and act.
    And to those who are not my friends on the Left, and the #NeverTrumpers, the Wild, and Nutty Progressives an whoever else disklike our President. Do I wish we lived in a time when our president could be shall I say be a bit more dignified and “proper. Of course, I do, but unfortunately these aren’t those times. These are very trying times, these are war times . And it’s a war that the Left has been fighting without opposition for the past several years, if not decades.
    So, say anything you want about this President , yes, he can be more than a bit un dignified, I get it, he can be vulgar, he can be crude, and uncouth, he can even be “un-presidential” at times.But I don’t care. I can’t care! . In fact I just don’t give a damb about any of that. George Patton was vulgar-talking also! But, he loves America, he fights for America! He REALLY wants to Make America Great Again. And he is winning for us. He’s President Trump. There was nobody else who could have pulled off the victories that he did.
    And if you people on the Left still can’t get over the FACT that HE BEAT YOUR HILLARY CLINTON, well that too damn bad! SHE has never managed to do anything more significant than TRIP over her TWO LEFT FEET
    So my advise is to Live with it!