Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And Not Too Far Away

Just downtown in our little galaxy.

Click the image of course to read all about it.


  1. pink hearts. yellow moons. orange stars. green clovers. a veritable cacophony. pass the milk.

  2. What if ... the entire universe is really someone's lower intestine? If that's the case, a la Dr. Seuss, then this fellow needs a dose of Pep-to Bismol.

    1. The "Entire Universe" might very well be nothing but a mere WART or a PIMPLE on an unimaginably large GIANTS FACE, and ij turn that GIANT might only be a SINGLE A_T_O_M in a drop of water slowly evaporating in a PETRI DISH in an enormous COSMIC LBORATORY. –– or the bowl of an incredibly huge COSMIC SINK, etc.

      Contemplating INFINITY is as mind boggllng as it is awe-inspiring.

    2. Anything is possible Mustang. Ditto Franco. I like to watch.


    In how many ways does the center of our Galaxy glow? This enigmatic region, about 26,000 light years away toward the constellation of the Archer (Sagittarius), glows in every type of light that we can see. In the featured image, high-energy X-ray emission captured by NASA's orbiting Chandra X-Ray Observatory appears in green and blue, while low-energy radio emission captured by SARAO's ground-based MeerKAT telescope array is colored red. Just on the right of the colorful central region lies Sagittarius A (Sag A), a strong radio source that coincides with Sag A*, our Galaxy's central supermassive black hole. Hot gas surrounds Sag A, as well as a series of parallel radio filaments known as the Arc, seen just left of the image center. Numerous unusual single radio filaments are visible around the image. Many stars orbit in and around Sag A, as well as numerous small black holes and dense stellar cores known as neutron stars and white dwarfs. The Milky Way's central supermassive black hole is currently being imaged by the Event Horizon Telescope.

    I'd prefer to call it ... H_E_A_R_T_ ... OF ... F_I_R_E ... and let it go at that.

    One more thing that can't help but make me wonder why the all-too-human urge to reach out and touch extremely beautiful things is often deadly dangerous?

  4. Not once in their long history has any Chinese leader given a darn about the Chinese population. It isn’t political, it’s cultural, not even if Mr. Wi was living next to Mr. Wu for sixty years gives a rat’s butt about Wu or his family. President Xi would not lose a moment of sleep even had China lost five million dead to the virus they created. Perhaps this was a newer, updated version of Chinese infanticide. I suppose that whenever you have an abundance of people, then human life is cheap. Here, with Democrats publicly acknowledging their adoration of the more recent monsters of history, Zhou Enlai, Mao Zedong, perhaps even Pol Pot of Cambodia, American voters ought to give some pause before voting for any Democrat. I won’t hold my breath, however. After 3 generations of brainwashing cleverly disguised as public education, American voters become as dangerous to a free society as the deep-state media.

    1. Well stated. Yep, American voters and if we dig to the core - American Parents who failed to properly raise those voters.

    2. @ Kid

      Anonymous stole my comment from AOW's blog and reposted it here. It has nothing to do with your post ... as you know. Just want to make sure you know it wasn't me as "anonymous."

    3. Mustang, it did sound like you. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. zVirginia Clerk Is Locked Up for Shooting at 3 Masked Robbers in His Store. . . .
    PJ Media

    by Victoria Taft

    A Virginia store clerk heard a crash that sounded like a car had crashed into the place at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. He grabbed a gun and shot at three masked men he found stealing merchandise and cash from the shop. When it was over, the clerk was the one in handcuffs. He now sits in jail on no bail, charged with crimes for which he could be locked up for 20 years. Those charges include: "Malicious Wounding, Reckless Handling of a Firearm and Violation of a Protective Order." Police say they'll get around to charging the robbers later. What's wrong with this picture? . . .


  6. I gotta say that I’m getting sick, and tired of looking at Andrew Cuomo’s face being on my TV almost any time I turn it on, and I have to change it to a different channel. It’s a far cry from the President’s press conferences. At least the President answers the reporters questions, he’s not there to campaign like Cuomo is. And I really like, and appreciate listing to Anthony Fauci and Debbi Birx, they both really know what they are talking about. . And where the heck is Uncle Joe Biden is he still hidingin his basement losing his train of thought, squinting at his cue cards, and demanding that Trump do things that he has already done two weeks ago! .
    Poor, poor Joe, between the dementia and the political fantasy land that he has been in Joe just doesn't realize what a buffoon he really is.
    Does the DNC really think that they can hide the truth about Biden's mental status from the American People? Do they really think that we the Voters are that stupid?

    On another note....
    I really think that I have just about had it with going out shopping during this Quarantine.
    Sometimes I think that the bleeding hearts in this country have gone nuts, and sometimes I really thing that I’m in another county, or in La, La land when I see the people around me acting like they do.
    I’m venturing out a bit later to the supermarket to get the food and supplies that we need, and I think that I’m going to be doing this for the last time because I just can’t take it anymore! Between the shoppers and the store clerks (cashiers). They are absolutely driving me insane.
    Needless to say that in most stores the shelves are either empty or mostly empty, and other stores are limiting your purchases of many items.
    You know things are getting to be crazy when you walk into your supermarket and see an entire wall empty and not one thing that you came in for is available. Hand satirizers, gone, bottled water, gone. soap, gone, canned vegetables ,toilet paper? Forget about it! They are almost wiped out of everything that you need, it almost feels like we have already turned to socialism!
    It is not enough that we pay for their food but now we have to get out of the way, and that we don’t dare to stand to close to them while they TAKE OUR MONEY!
    Yesterday I made the mistake of going to the CVS in Oceanside. After finding the 3-4 items that I came in for, I ventured up to the Cashier to pay. The entire front of the store where the Cashiers are had a thick Plastic curtain separating the customers from the ONE cashier who was working she was dressed from head to toe in Protective Gear
    (that Grossed me out) about 6 feet away for the cashier. Who by the way won’t even pack you purchase in the re-usable bag that you bring in, but tells you to pack it yourself. Then she expects YOU to use the credit card machine that ever-other costumer uses and press the bottons etc. God Forbid she shout touch anything herself! So I refused to. She then came around her Bunker and did it. I left with my purchase NEVER to return there again.

    Personally, I want to avoid those people anyway because I seriously doubt these 15 year old cashiers who wear rubber gloves, and face masks, and hospital gowns, even wash their hands after using the bathroom.!

    So that was my trip to CVS, as for going to the Super market, I've seen too many nasty people wipe their runny nose and put their hand right back on the shopping cart handle. Those are the same snotty hands that they use to also handle the items on the shelves that they touch and the money that pay with, and then the cashier gives that same money to us customers. .