Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Who Votes Democrat ?

  • Most of the public school teachers in their communist union
  • Lots of federal 'workers' who spend most of the day watching porn
  • Lots of Jewish people for God Knows what reason
  • Anyone filling their wallets off Democrat activities
  • Stupid Dumbasses like this moron (Genocide? This is how off the rails they are).

Scroll down just a little. 

Maybe he's saying he is a descendant of an American Indian, but that movie was over long before DJT showed up.


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    1. Ed, I think "Losers" and "Stupid Dumbasses" are synonymous. Fwiw.

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  3. GREAT LIST....And that guy, is a MORON. Elizabeth Warren's brother....heap big JERK!!

    I wish the voting age was 21 again because the kids will vote for Bernie Freebies....Dems complain about the deficit then like Bernie whose programs are in the TRILLIONS. They're all HIDEOUS PEOPLE.

    1. Hi, Z!

      If the voting age were raised to FORTY, we just MIGHT habe a fightng chance of regaining the republic our founding fathers envisioned.

      As it is today, –– largely because of Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll and COMMUNIST Professors –– "childhood," which used to end at or around age SEVENTEEN, is now extended indefinitely –– well into the thirties at least.

      From the look of things many people acieve hysical maturity and even old age, but NEVER grow up. Take Lizzie Warren, Adam Schitt, and Bernie Sanders for starters.

    2. Z, Stunning Hypocrisy. Always. Truly stunning.

      The average Jane/Joe democrat voter who isn't profiting from democrats are Stupid Beyond Words.

  4. _____ Why Be A Democrat?_____

    Willfulness is part of what it takes;
    Haughtiness makes a component too.
    Yearning for a better life’s heartaches
    Beset by Self-Deception’s shuttered view

    Earns suicidal urges ‘mongst the Rich,
    And fosters dreams of Vengeance in the Poor
    Deny this truth? You’re apt to lose your niche
    Ending up locked outside your own door.

    Money too diffused loses its power.
    Our hope to see Equality for All
    Creates a fractious mental climate sour
    Resulting in Revolt bound to appall.

    A misperception of our truest needs
    Traps us where upon ourselves we feed.

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. Wait until they come for our guns if they think the MAGA hat is an issue......... going to be a real hoot.

    1. Let's see what happens in Virginia Bunk. I do not expect AR-15 owners to register them.