Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Let's Do Another Tommy

Don't try this at home.


  1. WOW! Sorry I had o wait so long before i could get to this.

    It's one of those dull gray, cheerless days here, and THIS is a perfect ANTIDOTE for the Blues.

    Just makes my old bones feel like jumpin' outta my chair and start DANCIN.'

    I imagine Tommy has trouble keeping his audiences in ther seats at times when he plays like this.

    Talk about HIGH ENERGY! Man, Tommy's IT!

    1. Hell Yea Franco. For the album this is on, Tommy recorded it at Chet Atkins place in his home studio. I believe Chet and Jerry Reed were in attendance and at the end of the recorded version, Tommy gives one of those wheezy laughs. I'm picturing Chet and Jerry on their knees doing the waving of the arms up and down thing. haha

    2. Tommy gets a lot standing O's.

  2. Tommy can play. not sure how he can make a guitar sound like 3 different people are playing simultaneously. Really good.

  3. DaBlade - He's been at it since he was 6, and he's been this good a long long time.