Wednesday, February 12, 2020

For Anyone With the Slightest Doubt

So... Who is writing the script.  In my opinion the democrat politicians and their media propaganda slaves (or maybe the other way around) are completely controlled by a powerful anti-American force.  Maybe Soros and his various activist groups.  (Maybe Russian "activist measure" operatives as Yuri Brezmanov tells us about) 

Regardless, at the core is a communist think tank that analyzes everything 24/7/365 and writes the script for the media and the dem politicians to be spun anti-American, anti-Freedom, anti-1stA anti-2ndA, anti-Capitalism, anti-Conservative, and more.  By the start of the following day or sooner, all these media pukes have their marching orders already written and emailed to them.

Short vid.


  1. The constant stream of Fake News from the mainstream State-approved media is extremely dangerous to our democracy. One might even call it an existential threat.

    1. DaBlade, In addition to the Five's analysis of the word, they use it with "threat" because they know the libtards and many others never have that thought pop into their little heads which is "How is he a threat" Or "What did he do that was racist".

      I saw a blurb that Madmax Waters said "Trump is killing black people for profit". I sure hope enough people are as sick of these pukes as we are and vote them out.

  2. Boy, are YOU ever spot on, Kid.

    I watched the video first befaore i read your comments, –– and believe it or not, –– I was going to sy EXACTLY what you said, almost word for word, but you saved me the trouble.

    You nd I are completely in synch on this vitally important issue. You see what I see. I just understand how so many others are completely BLIND to something that's as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante' dear brooklyn-brn old face.

    I rail against the ENEMEDIA and our depraved POOP CULTURE all the time –– in verse, in serious commentary, and in attempts to mock and satirize it.

    I've been doing this in the boosphere for a full TWENTY YEARS, but few –– even on the Right –– want to accept, –– or even DISCUSS ––, my findings. Instead, they call me a "Crank," an "Anti-Semite"[SHIT, I can't help it if the majority of the prime movers in prompting far left, anti-American, pro-Marxist propaganda happen to BE Jews, can I?], or a Crazed Bigot with a One-Track Mind, etc.

    Peole who KNOW what is happening and WHY are bund to be MARGINAIZED by the powers that be.

    Be careful, Kid. I'll be SEVENTY-NINE in just a few weeks. My time is almost up, so I don't matter anymore, but YOU are still young enough to have a future.

    Just DON'T LET te BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN. Be like President Trump. He knows the score, and understands very well what he's up agains, but he remains FEARLESS, God bless him1

  3. Franco, Thanks Much ! No it doesn't get me down. I expose myself to only a sliver of this crap and that is only by accident or scanning down a web page looking for something to read which is Never a politics article. All the same shit anyway.

    What do you think about this concept? Kids grow up learning from their parents, then grade and high school (using the word learning loosely these days), then maybe University or college, then when they are out they are left with an information vacuum so they turn to free cable, TV news, and newspaper, which are all worthless at best. Their indoctrination into communism continues until they take their last breath. Some people have responsible parents, go to good non-public schools, then ignore the liberal crap at college and go on with some capacity for critical thinking. Don't know what the percentages are but when 'we' die off, that will be the end of America and the kids won't even know the difference.

    1. Looks like it, Kid.


      A revival of genuine FAITH in the Judaeo-Christian God COULD save us, because that is what BUILT our nation in thefirst place. Bu the false appeal ofGodless Communism has been too seductive to several generatins of young people who,, being human, hope to find the Easy Way to AVOID Taking RESPONSIBILITY for themselves and those dependent on them

      Marxism is intended to promote SELFISHNESS and LAZINESS as the Highest good, the Greatest Virtue..

      That's how slave states are born.

  4. They are all holograms that are programmed........Take the Red Pill or the Blue.....

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    1. Yea my name means I don't fall for scams from pieces of shit like you.