Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Courses of Study at American Universities

  • Environmental Misogyny
  • Masculine Feminism Pronoun Research
  • Reversing Climate Change through Gender Transitioning
  • Why Female Genital Mutilation is Good for Human Females but Bad for Goats
  • Using Your Cat's Desire to Be In or Out to Guide Investment Decisions
  • Economic Theory Same as Like Making a Vodka Tonic Like Ya Know
  • Taxing the Middle Class Benefits the Middle Class
  • Anal Sex is Safe Sex
  • Pedophilia is Nature's Way
  • Happiness and Wealth are Evil
  • Kim Jong Un and Xi Jiningpong's guide to Human Rights for Dummies
  • Celebrating Jane Fonda's Medal of Freedom
  • Be a 9th Grade Dropout and Get Rich  (Taught by Cher)
  • Toss Half of Your Fans in the Trash Can and Get Rich (Taught by Hollywood Elites)
  • Sex Trafficking of Minors for Fun and Profit (Taught by Child Protective Services)
  • Enabling Dangerous Criminals
  • Putting the Hurt on Harmless Law Abiding Citizens
  • Illegal Aliens Only Kill Those Needing to be Killed
  • Freedom is Racism - Slaves Enjoyed 100% Employment Rate


  1. For a minute I thought this was the Democrat Debate Topic Sheet!!
    GOod ones, Kid...a bit too true to be truly hilarious, but VERY good!

    1. Thank You Z. It could Very Easily be the Defecrat Debate Topic Sheet.

    2. PS Z, I must say it is getting harder to top the dems for absurdity.

  2. For the win:

    Using Your Cat's Desire to Be In or Out to Guide Investment Decisions.

    Like Z I thought it was the demon-rats talking points. Oh, wait - it is!

  3. But is the cat a capitalist pig? Or does it just leave home for extended periods only to return limping & bleeding from multiple wounds and with its hair in disarray and smelling vaguely of vodka & vomit looking for more free handouts?

    Great list, Mr Kid. I got an Associates in Journalism Cosmetology and am sending you the bill as there is no reason why I should have to pay for it.

    1. Mr Blade, our cat, a part feral, goes out and recons the perimeter for vermin or other potential problems and takes care of business without injury.

      Please send me the bill Sir, I will hand deliver it to Bernie who I'm sure will take care of it post haste.

      Now did your course only cover men and women journalists, or did it cover all the genders?

  4. Sounds about right.... sad but true... but I give you an A in creativity..... :)

  5. Thanks Bunk ! My first A grade !

    I guess it is a bit too close to the truth.

  6. I'm with Z on this. Have you hacked into the DNC server? Watch out, Seth Rich.

    1. LSP, I am protected and Safe ! I refer to the beast by its first name AND ALSO bla bla bla.

  7. Replies
    1. Odie, In fact, lizzy teaches American Indian Studies at the rate of 500 grand a year.

      And people wonder why college is so expensive.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  8. It's time for American parents not to send their children to the universities, which are nothing more than institutions effecting leftist brainwashing.


    Full stop.

    1. AOW, Mustang recently pinned the tail of blame on Parents and he's right. If parents did not alllow the brainwashing of the kids, these places would be out of business.

      I hear Gen-Z are more opting for trade schools where you can actually get a job when you get out.

    2. Kid,
      I hear Gen-Z are more opting for trade schools where you can actually get a job when you get out.

      They should look into welding.

    3. AOW, Yes welding, machinist, things that aren't going to be easily filled by illegals.