Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Didn't Think I Ever Would, But I'm Setting Up a GoFundMe Page

for an adorable 10 year old boy running a lemonade stand who is now being sued by an LGBT lawyer because he refused to cater a same sex wedding with his most intoxicating non-alcoholic Lemonade.

He needs our help folks.

Picture and personal details not provided to protect this young man and his family.  You know how Mini-AOC had to purge all of her funny and perfectly innocent online social media to protect her and her family from leftist vermin.  Let's not have this happen with this young man and his family.

Therefore, the GoFundMe page has been created with My Persona so as to insulate them.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die, I will forward any and all funds to this latest victim of homo-leftist-commie-marxist-fascist-activist Scum.

Thank you.  GoFundMe link to be provided at a later date.


  1. WTF? Seriously? Glad to help.

    Might have to fundraise for the leg tho, no insurance... hmmmmm.

    1. :-) No LSP, a Satire.

      If only I could help with the leg thing ! (I may have to do a GoFundMe to help with retirement....)

  2. Replies
    1. Ed, I will forward you an account and routing number.......

  3. Collect it all and send it to moi. Thank you in advance...

  4. Fighting bullshit WITH bullshit.

    What a novel idea!

    I love it.

    GO, KID!

  5. Wait... that looks like you! 😀