Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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  1. Amazing guitarist...this cut sounds a tad Arabic, doesn't it!! ;-)

    1. Z, I was thinking Oriental, like Indiana Jones meets the Samurai.. But I can hear the Arabic influence now that you bring it up.

      btw - Joe and Tommy are pals and put on master classes once a year(?) or so. They really admire each other's talent.

      Like So

    2. That surprises me, Ki, because their musical styles are so radically different from one another you'd think they had little or nothing in common.

      I'll say it straght out. I find Tommy and his work easy to love and admire, but Satriani's leaves me cold. I think it may have lot to do wih my inense dislke for artificial, electronically produced, miked up sound and "gangs" on stage standing amidst lots of heavy equipment.

      Oh well ... differen stroes and all that. None of us cn like everything, that's for sure.

    3. Franco, I love both, but what I like about Satriani is his compositions are so complex I find them impossible to memorize and play back at will in their entirety. Therefore, While I enjoy the melodies, I most of all enjoy that the tunes don't get stale like all the other ear worm music. This is the same thing I like about Classical but most of it is just too light for me and I'm not a violin fan at all. If that makes sense.

      There are tunes with lyrics that I'd love to hear maybe every 5 years or so, but I don't want them on my flashdrive that plugs into the dashboard and provides music on the daily commute. I get tired of them too quickly.