Wednesday, July 31, 2019

So, Tommy Grew Up in Australia and Joined the Family Band (Named Midget Safari) at Age 6

Playing Guitar.

As they toured through Australia, he met many of the local inhabitants, and for this story, Aborigines.

The Aborigine Initiation from boyhood into manhood is brutal.

It isn't any better for the female.

So, Tommy wrote this tune, called Initiation.


  1. That is VERY weird, but I think it captures the Aboriginal experience. I was in Sydney and Melbourne and there was a LOT of Aboriginal art, many museums,'s fascinating....the art is SO primitive but good. This music is a tad weird for me but I also find it kind of illustrative of their experience.

    1. Z, I know very little about them, only what I read. I do know Tommy feels for them but what can you do?