Monday, July 15, 2019

Lemme Tell Ya About Galactic Centers Ok?

Click the image and go and Read the Description then come on back and set a spell to check out my description.

APOD claims The Arc is not well understood.  I understand it just fine.  The Arc is Hell and it is where all democrats and other heathen go to serve in fire, and smoke, and torture, and suffering, until the end of time. Sgr A is a black hole that captures any heathen vermin that manage to temporarily escape The Arc and tosses them back into The Arc.

The Ark was a savior. The Arc is a holding tank for evil.
The other elements in this image are holding tanks for evil that which tortures and plays with evil on its way to The Arc just for that added terror anticipation factor.

Anytime you get upset with some democrat vermin POS like liz warren, rest assured they will soon end up surfing fire and brimstone in The Arc without a life jacket.  Not to worry.


  1. Good job connecting the dots.
    The lower level folks aren't aware of where they are being dragged.
    But the upper level agents of Satan do... It's their job to take as
    many souls with them. They have pulled the wool over the eyes of many
    a young people.
    We have to get through to some of them, many will never listen.


    1. Thanks TSWS. I stopped talking to the ones who don't listen.

  2. All I know it sure is fire and brimstone.....coming to someone's town soon... very soon.

    1. Bunkerville, How is that unavoidable ?? :-)

  3. the Soul selecs he own Society –––
    ___ then shuts the Door.
    To her ivine Majority present no more.

    Unmoved she notes the Chariots passing
    ___ at her low Gate.
    Unmoved, an Emperor
    __ is kneeling at her Mat.

    I've seen her from an ample Nation
    ___ choose One –––
    Then close the valves of her attention –––
    ___ like Stone.

    ~ Emily Dicknson (1830-1886)

  4. Life is made of mysteries ––
    ___ myriad mysteries ––
    Layers upon layers of baffling ––
    ___ unfathomable ––
    ______ impenetrable ––
    _________ mysteries.
    Thrilling –– chilling ––
    ___ unimaginable ––
    ______ seductive ––
    _________ taunting –––
    ____________ haunting ––
    _______________ mysteries

    ~ Freethinke

    1. Franco, at Death, as our lives pass before our eyes in an instant I think we may judge ourselves without the benefit of bias. Whaddya think.

    2. Saint Paul told the Corinthians, ". . .NOW we see through a glass darkly, but THEN face to face. NOW, I know in part, but THEN I shall know even as also I am known."

      Despite the bizarre syntax in the King James Bible that passage hsd msfr it seem clear to me that we won't understand what life has really been all about all we reach the Other Sde.

      And that brings me back to the old greeting card motto I've quptd so pften in the past:

      "Life is a Mystery to be LIVED, not a Problem to be SOVED."

      All we can do s try to I've doing as much good as we possibly can, and as little harm.

      If I know anything, I believe I do know this: The more we think of OTHERS, the more think of the Wonder and Glory of CREAtION, –– and the less we think of OURSELVES ––, the better off we're bound to be.

      By the way the image from Outer Space makes me think CHARIOTS of FIRE.

    3. Franco.

      "Life is a Mystery to be LIVED, not a Problem to be SOLVED."

      I like that one.

      I'm not much into Ancient Aliens. Possible though. God does work in mysterious ways...

      Bottom line: I don't spend much time trying to understand that which I know I have NO Capacity to understand. I also make no judgement yaa or naa about it. I'm not there. I wasn't there. I have no basis to argue any of the points and affirmations.