Saturday, July 13, 2019

Hey, What's Happenin ?

A selection from today

A manta Ray asks for help and gets it.  Click the image.

I see this as a good thing.  Keep em down there.  Let's see how it works out as Nafta was apparently a bust.

Single Payer Health Care.  Hell yea. 4.4 million waiting in England for Routine operations.

Donald J Trump is the most non-criminal person in all of DC history. Hordes of Trump haters investigated this guy for 3.5 years now and have not found a single thing. Not even spitting on the sidewalk.

McCabe is a Major Sleazebag.  Guess how many more sleazebags there are.

It rained and is raining in Lousiana again.  "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" But it is a sign the end is near.

FU John Roberts

I want to read this kinda stuff Every Day.

obama brought 650,00 Somali's and planted them in Minnesota. 

Getting close to a Conservative Majority on the 9th Circuit.  Hell Yea !

Child Protective Services a Major Player in Child Sex Trafficking.  Well hell, isn't that par for the course today.

Mueller investigation Failed to prove the DNC server was hacked.  How pathetic are these people?  Even moreso the people who buy into this nonsense.

Trump is starting to WIN at the 9th Circuit !

This is not good.


  1. Marvin Gaye killed by a shotgun blast from his Father from the shotgun he bought his Father.

    Imagine the music he would have produced. He was a genius.

    1. Other than Mr. Leon Russell, of course, Mr. Gaye is my second fave...I distinctly remember where I was the day the news came on the car radio that his father had shot and killed him. "What's Goin' On?" One of the best cuts EVER...he was a genius and, literally, just the other day, I said to a friend "Imagine what Marvin Gaye could have done more had he lived?" But, he was tough, screwed up, and Dad had to have been pushed to it. Dreadful.
      Regarding your links; MY, you've had a busy, productive day :-)

    2. Z, yes Marvin was something Else.

      All of his work could be described as his best. Inner City Blues for example was very good and still relevant today.

      Thanks Z, Occasionally I am compelled to deliver some content. :)