Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Takes A Naval Aviator To Do This Kind Of Stuff


  1. I find the whole issue of Space Exporation fascinating, but more than a bit a bit chilling.

    The spectre of the CHALLENGER disaster that took place in 1986 –– seventeen seventeen uears lafter we successfully landed on and returned from the Moon –– still looms large over the Space Program. I still wonder what happened to Christa Corrigan McAuliffe's husband and children since that tragic event 33 years ago. –– and the six dead crewmen whose names have been forgotten?

    I believed then, –– and believe still –– that unless and until we can learn from and adhere to the basic principles laid out in the Bible telling us how to be GOOD human beings, we will only bring the same vain, selfish, self-defeating behavior into Outer Space and Beyond.

    I mean IF we manage to fulfill what-too-many-today-want-to claim-as our New Manifest Destiny –– that of destoying Mother Earth and making her uninhabitable, because we failed to get along with one another ––, what possible good could come from transporting our benighted, failed species to Parts Unknown?

    ALL we'd do would be to REPEAT the RUINATION we'd brought upon ourselves here at home.

    After all, as Doctor Seuss famously sid, "NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO, THERE yOU ARE!

    Science and Technology give clear evidence evidence of our ucredibe brilliance –– always at finding New, Different, Exciting snd ever more Complex Ways to AVOID dealing with the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM of CONQUERING our deeply flaws HUMAN NATURE.

    We keep on and on making the same stupid mistakes over and over, because we desperately want to believe there is a CURE for everything that ails us that may yet be found OUTSIDE of OURSELVES, when conquering SELF should have been u main objecive all along.

    "SCIENCE" cannot save us. Only JESUS could, and more than two-thousand years after His Birth we STILL choose to CRUCIFY Him every day in a thousand ways, because it's SO difficult for most of us to ACCEPT the RESPONSIBILITY we have to FACE OURSELVES and spend the bulk of ur energy attempting to, as Kierkegaard said, "work out our own Salvation with fear and trembling."

  2. FRanco, the problem with the Challenger was that it was too cold for the O'ring in the booster rockets to keep their integrity. The manufacturer/designer of the thing was screaming at NASA to Not take off. They should have been sued. Maybe they have iron clad no liability waivers signed by all on board those things.

    They don't even know if they can get people to Mars without them having Serious health problems, yet they scan the skies for "Earth-like" plants. What a fricken joke that is. You couldn't get to the closest one at the speed of light without having to plan for multiple generations of people birthed and dying along the way. What a fricken joke!

    This rock is our only kingdom and we better start thinking in those terms.

    Anyway, there ya go. As a species we are one fucked up species. Most animals have it all over us. The vast majority only kill out of fear or hunger.

    I was on some web site a few years ago frequented by younger people and they had a poll asking if things were better now that say 50 or 100 years ago. Overwhelmingly the kids said Things are Much Better now.

    I made the comment that the Technology is fantastic but the people are way more fucked up today.

    Ronald Reagan said Freedom isn't passed down in our bloodstreams. Well neither is intelligence. When it comes to intelligence, animals win hands down. People are blank slates when they are born and if they don't get years and years of education they remain blank slates.
    Just like the gang bangers in Chicago South Side or 10 or 12 other places.

    And people think they're evolved.

    1. Thank you for that. Kid. You understand Science and Technology much better than I –– I can tell –– but we think a lot alike when it comes to what-I-call purely human values.

      I wish you'd share yur wit and wisdom more at other blogs. Just copy and paste what you write here when and if you think it's pertinent to the topic at other places.

      I think you deserve a wider audience –– really do.

      By the way it's my considered opiniin that SOME of us are "evolved" but MOST of us are still in the infantile primitive savage state.

      I know it offends the idealists, but I can NOT believe that "All Men (people) Are Ceated Equal" –– not by a long shot. Bu I do believe we ought to TREAT each other with RESPECT –– as kindly and decently as possible –– no matter how smart they seem to be or what ethnic group they belong to.

    2. Franco, agree but the evolved ones are grossly outnumbered. How many can we count? DaVinci, Aristotle, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, Plato, Newton, etc - outnumbered in the billions by knuckle dragging pie stuffers.

  3. In this very living room that we have now, I well remember watching all this on the grainy b&w TV set that my grandmother had. We all gathered around and squinted at the set. The audio was better than the images.

    1. AOW, I didn't know this until recently, but the video sent from the moon was very good quality but it was not in codec format to be sent to our TV's, so they had a TV camera picking it up off a monitor at NASA. You'd think they would have thought of that, or maybe they did and didn't Want perfectly clear images. No, I'm not a moon denier !

  4. I recall that day as well. What a great clip.... calm cool and collected the whole way through.

    1. Like landing on a carrier at night with circuit breakers going off Bunk !