Saturday, July 27, 2019

4 More Years of Great Tweeter !!

KJ: General Won Hung Lo, comes qrick !
HL: I here Greatest Leader !
KJ: Pathetic American democrats make sure Great Tweeter President 4 more years !  Time for News Tactics !

HL: Great Reader, I Agrees !  Hows bout Golf Game with Great Tweeter to show world who is more physicarry fit and who has most talents !

KJ: Good Idea Hung Lo - Take Good Idea Medal off shelf and afix to uniform !
HL thought balloon: (Prease God in Heaven NO!)

HL: Thanks You Dearest Reader !  May suggest practice golf ahead of Tweeter arrival?
KJ:  Nuther Good Idea Hung Lo -  Take Another Good Idea Medal off shelf and afix to uniform 
HL thought balloon: (Prease God in Heaven NO! Wife Sweet Cheeriot in Pain When Make Out Session !) 
We find Kim Jong Un getting ready for Epic Awesome Golf Match with Great Tweeter.  Here we see KJ on practice green with wanna be comfort women forces caddies. As is customary, Military and other officials write down everything KJ says in their DLTN's (dear leader thoughts notebooks)

Golf Match now being reported widely in DPRK "Never Lie" News Media !

Headline is President Trump practicing like madman while Kim Jong Un not slightest bit worried about beating President Trump just like dissatisfied moslem vermin with rotted teeth in unsatisfying intimate scene with insolent goat for carnal pleasures.

In an effort to bring international acclaim to this incredibly awesome and epic display of force between the leaders of DPRK and USA, golfing legends Johnny Miller and Ken Venturi have been secured as commentators for the match.  What can I say, I have tingles running up and down my fur covered legs.

Well, here we are on the first tee.  Let's acknowledge our comfort women forces caddies for this momentous event.  Each player will have 14 very sexy caddies, one for each club in the bag.  Here are a sampling of these wonderful DPRK vixens.

Ken Venturi Opines that "these are some ladies that would get the attention of Jeff Epstein and all of his high level friends".  Johnny Miller just nods and smiles.

And the round begins.  Here is an artist conception of KJ teeing off on the first hole.  Hole 1 - Par 5 - 576 yds.  KJ chooses 7 iron.  Actual photo censored by DPRK media.

KJ's ball bounces off water (splish), then off tree (bonk), and roll out of sight.  General Won Hung Lo pick up ball, and run to 1st green unnoticed and drop ball into hole.  KJ scores hole in one for 1st hole.

President DJ Trump tees off while comfort women forces flash him on 1st tee and he drives into the rough while Ken Venturi screams "No, not the 3 wood!".  Here DJT setting up for 2nd shot to green.  DJT winces as ball flies into sand trap left of green while Ken Venturi once again screams "No, not the 3 wood!". Gonna be long day for DJT.

Each hole go about same way on front nine, then miraculously DJT catch up to KJ on back nine and game is all even after hole # 18.  KJ claim he let DJT catch up.

Golf Match go into overtime and extra holes.  Game will be settled tomorrow on famous Pingpong Putt Putt Golf Course in match known as sudden death or as KJ puts it to his general, "When I said Nuke the Chinese, I was talking about microwaving my take out!"  The event promises to be a real nail biter for all high level DPRK military suck ups.

Johnny Miller tells us "Comfort women forces are preparing the putt putt venue with toothbrushes and brillo pads so that everything will be perfect for tomorrow.  The event could not provide more drama than even Martha Raddatz with a story about an overturned semi on I-95 on ABC's nightly "World News".

My heart is beating like AOC's when discovering a rogue garbage disposal in her DC apartment kitchen.


  1. Been a long time since we heard from your merry cast of characters... good news it seems that most seem to have remained alive. News of their death was highly over rated. Thanks for the update... :) Good fun.

    1. Thanks Bunk. KJ appears to be getting soft lately.

  2. HA! Good job!! Man, that amount of medals on that general is AMAZING!
    Very good fun, thanks!

  3. "When I said Nuke the Chinese, I was talking about microwaving my take out!"