Friday, May 11, 2018

In Honor of Springtime - The Robin's Egg Nebula

This pretty cosmic cloud lies some 1,500 light-years away, its shape and color reminiscent of a blue robin's egg. It spans about 3 light-years, nested securely within the boundaries of the southern constellation Fornax. Recognized as a planetary nebula, NGC 1360 doesn't represent a beginning though. Instead it corresponds to a....

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  1. Ugh! robin's egg(s)! I have 4 of those little Bast###s in a nest inside my grill (the mother robin must be a democrat) I was told I had to leave them be. Oh well... I wanted a new grill this year any way. BTW, nice nebula. especially cuz it doesn't poop all over.

  2. I hope these little darlings turn out Ok.

    We used to have one of those 4 burner with a burner on the side grills. Never used more than 2 of the burners and never used the one on the side. Bought a 2 burner with 'infrared technology'. Like it a lot better. Ceramic coated grille plates much easier to clean also.


  3. Beauty does NOT exist merely in The Eye of the Beholder." Instead, it is a blessed product of The Mind of Almighty God and it belongs only to Him.

    But I've alwys thought it was exceedingly kind of God to share the glories of His Handiwork with US.

    To disagree, I believe, would be a show of profound ingratitude ad disrespect for His great Gift to us of Life with all its wonders, terrors, and splendid opportunities to do good.

    1. FT, There is unimaginable beauty around us. I'm very happy I'm not one of those who cannot see it.
      Like Carl Sagan said in so many words... All the warlords and dictators who consume themselves with becoming the temporary master of a fraction of a dot (Earth) are the problem. This is all we have. We aren't going anywhere else to live at least as good as we do here for probably thousands of years.
      Or as George Carlin said "We don't know how to take care of ourselves yet, we don't know how to care for one another, we're gonna Save The Fukken Planet ?!"

      LOL - Too much. What a place.

  4. Holy moly.. that is the most beautiful thing ever.