Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Guest Post by IMP

Anyone watching Haspel getting grilled over the CIA's attempts to keep us safe and uncover the scum that killed and kills Americans all over the world? 

And that the demrat pieces of treasonous untrustworthy shits as well as treasonous bastards...are still grilling, accusing and wanting answers for the LEGAL, APPROVED waterboarding 17 years ago of that bastard murdering Islamic stooge on 911? 
It's clear to me that demrat women don't have guts, brains, fortitude or the common sense when it comes to our enemies and our defense. I swear that for them alone we should repeal the 19th amendment! 
These quislings want a woman president? When there's not one of them fit to have a jihadist wipe their asses? Watching Feinstein and that moron from Maine.....I'll call her shaky... grill this woman about "America values" and "morality" and right and wrong??!!
I don't know how you guys feel but I too might want to move to New Zealand if we ever made the gargantuan mistake of switching to the popular vote and electing some phony ass liberal commie "progressive" media whore to the White House. 
Don't any of these completely naive stupid, bat crap crazy... especially those females remember what happened to us cause we let our guard down on September 11, 2001? 

Because they wanted us to look nice and sweet and not mean old capitalists or colonialists? Don't they look around every day and witness the carnage, murder, genocide these animals commit every day.
And now this huckster sucker Kamilla Harris harping on about "do you think the actions the CIA used was "IMMORAL"? DO YOU ...YES OR NO? OVER AND OVER AGAIN ABOUT "moronic morality". 

Do we want these people in power deciding our future well being...our country's safety and our country's defense? Never...I'll take torturing some animal 24/7 to save the lives of any and all Americans if it's deemed waterboard, to deny sleep, to deny a noise-free environment and continually play 180 decibels hard metal rock into their ears ( and not James Taylor like these assholes would rather do ) feed them putrid dumpster fluids....or a rotting Big Whopper. 
We can't trust these sissies to save us, wage a justified counter-espionage mission or assassinations of their bosses if need save one American....even the snowflake eggplants that pass for demrats in college today. God help us if a Pochantis Warren, a Kamilla Harris, an Oprah gets into that office. 
I despise demrats to the very core of my being. These people are determined to deny us our flood this country with parasites, disloyal sponges and to make an America a 3rd world dung hole just to keep our so-called "values" while destroying ourselves, our 242 years of greatness, our traditions and yes...our race, our core beliefs and religion. 
Call me whatever the hell you want. But I'll be damned if I'm going to deny my racial heritage or my ancestors cause the failures among us will feel better about their total lack of contributions to this once great country. To that 90 % of those perpetual whiny, infantile, racist inadequate losers and criminals that are still slaves to their white demrat masters. 
Who in total, with extremely few successful examples, has an unbroken record of failure, disloyalty, rampage, rioting and incredible displays of any moral scruples, of self-discipline, of the basic requirements of education to take charge of their own lives. And who, like Whoppi asked the other day..."What has he done for African "Americans" yet"? And the silence of those privileged white girls to not say...WHY SHOULD HE? WHY SHOULD THEY EXPECT TO BE TREATED ANY DIFFERENTLY THAN EVERY OTHER AMERICAN CITIZEN?

That statement alone cries out for a total rejection for its soft bigotry of yes once again....LOW OR NO expectations to shovel their own shit for a change. That they look in the mirror and say "black is beautiful" but don't understand the irony of actually believing that because of their color....they can't achieve independence, wealth, education, greatness, responsibility for their own actions.

That we're responsible for another 4 generations to "level the playing field". Too blind to look around and see that their completely racist advocates like Sharpton, Jackson, the entire CBC, Waters, Wilson, Lee, Cummings are filthy rich while riding their backs and blaming the white man again. 
This rapper Kanye guy is now being told...he's no longer black because he's daring to think outside the box of donkeys that are still chained to the very party that lynched them, shot them, enslaved them, incorporated an organization of white hooded night riders to terrorize them and deny them their 14th Amendment rights. Openly and gleefully hosed them, stood in the doorways of schools and colleges, bombed their churches and murdered their children. 

It's more unbelievable and absurd to believe that our founders were guilty of crimes and we need to completely rewrite our history, tear down monuments, rename schools while praising the memory or Robert Byrd!
I thought, like so many of us, that somehow all the sacrifices that have been made, all the compromises and fixes, all the "affirmative" action have yielded us...not tranquility or peace or racial harmony but the total reversing of the last 50 years by mostly one man....and the dirty, monstrous race pimps that still convince them it's not their fault...and get an honest job and join the rest of our civilized citizens as is the huge majority of Americans that want to welcome them.
I give up.

I'm certain some might have a different take...but I dare them to tell us now...what the hell it is that they want to fix this once and for all. The Schumers, the Shiffs, the Pelousy's, the richest of the demrats ( while they accuse conservatives of any success or wealth they're entitled to ) dare to vote against their own little guy's interests while actually giving away any chance of employment or riches to ILLEGALS. The dems are now not just an opposition party as in the past...they're totally unAmerican, globalist, socialist and terrorists working against our will...our legitimately elected President and our Constitution.


  1. I agree with all of this. If I put my thoughts down, I'd just be repeating most of this.

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    2. Thing is is Kid that we all know you have to work at it everyday harder, then harder until you get what you pay your dues until you've earned...EARNED... what you deserve. And for most of us that takes a lifetime. But it should never be given or awarded to you on the backs of the rest of us.

    3. IMP, Honestly, what is it the losers think? I'll bet a bunch of them believe white people were just handed big paying jobs and everything else and the blacks are waiting for that to happen for them. We just need someone in the White House willing to give the blacks what they deserve as whoopi apparently believes, which btw, Trump has the black UE level the lowest in decades. I hate these stupid fucks. I'm going to vote so hard in November, it's gonna leave a mark.

  2. I did hear the hearing, cover to cover. The most unlikely looking spook was simply amazing. She spent most of her career in what she termed "Garden Spots." Hell holes. And this Kamela Harris as the audacity to drill her about her morality?
    The chilling thought is that Harris is even getting one nanosecond of consideration for running for President. Great rant and agree totally.

  3. Well now - that was certainly a righteous rant - and one I agree with 100%.

    I didn't watch the hearings since I doubt my blood pressure could have stood it. Once you've seen a commie/marxist/libtard in action you've seen them all.

  4. She should have asked, who's DemocRats? HAHahahahahaha

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    __ War Crimes, as Defined by Leftists __

    ________________ or ____________________

    Apparently, it’s AOK
    To mow ‘em down with bullets,
    But don’t dare try to kill ‘em off
    By poisoning their pullets.

    It’s all right too when bombs
    Rain from aloft or on the level,
    But when you kill with poison gas,
    You’re in league with the Devil.

    Lock ‘em in a building,
    Then burn it to the ground.
    By judges at The Hague
    You’ll not be guilty found.

    Go drag them from their cells
    Into a courtyard to be shot.
    The World Court will not chide you,
    Nor tell you “Thou shalt not.”

    Take mothers, babies, toddlers ––
    Grandmas –– anyone who thrives,
    Then hack them with machetes
    And bayonets to end their lives.

    Rape and loot and strangle,
    Garrote or stab at will ––
    Of you The World Community,
    I promise, won’t think ill.

    Set ‘em loose in wood or field,
    Then hunt ‘em down like game;
    Let half-dead bodies lie unhealed.
    You won’t lose your good name.

    Rob and cripple, maim at will ––
    Dislocate their joints.
    Multiculturalists will know
    You must have your good points.

    Gouge their eyes out, slit each tongue.
    Sodomize, impale their young.
    Club ‘em down, then crush with tractors.
    Brussels won’t call you bad actors.

    BUT, urinate upon the corpse
    Who tortured your best buddy,
    And you’ll be tossed in the stockade
    With nose broken and bloody.

    And should you dare to wipe yourself
    With leaves from the the Koran,
    ‘Tis YOU The World Community
    Will call BARBARIAN!

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. Jesus that nailed it. They don't believe in capital punishment or the second amendment...but have no qualms about killing babies after 5 mounths in the womb. I so hate their guts.

  8. GREAT job, Imp...More people should read rants like might help!!