Wednesday, January 11, 2012

US Dollar / Market Tell Update

Evidence is just beginning to appear that it may no longer be a Dollar Up-Market Down, and inverse of that -  market.  There have been a couple days where the dollar, market and commodities have all been up.
Just a heads up.  It may revert back, but this is a new event.

I knew I shouldn't have said anything.


Ok, Now we play the Music!  This kid doesn't shave yet either...



  1. Thanks for the LOng Term Investment Idea post below-
    My lack of knowledge of the 'market' will be over-turned- the more I read your takes-

    don't get me started on Sharia law and the total ignorance of most citizens of our Republic---Grrrrr-

    Will listen to the music videos tomorrow-
    reading the book _War Horse_ now ( - :


  2. Carol-CS, Thank you. The kid has a surprising voice.