Friday, January 13, 2012

Not to Miss Writeup on the Marines Incident


The blog is authored mainly by former special operations people.

To paraphrase the main point and one that Allen West also makes: People are only human. Things like this happened during WWII, which only lasted 4 years. These people have been at it for 9 years. And to call the enemy that they grapple with over there animals would be an insult to animals.

Also see retired Lt Col Allen West's comments over at Carol's Place.


  1. Thank you for the h/t tip-my friend-

    as you know-I will defend our BEST - always! because - they are over there in the battle-we are not-
    I know you look out for them too---

  2. Carol-CS, Thank You.

    We have to keep pushing back.

  3. The Taliban burn our fallen soldiers' bodies, behead them and hang their mutilated remains from bridges. And worse.

    This mild form of a victory 'celebration' over a hated, cruel and evil enemy is OK with me. Keep killing those guys, Marines. As many as you possibly can.

    Semper Fi.

  4. was going to post this Monday.....I still might..
    Didn't you feel exactly the way West does when you saw our gov't and media slamming those Marines like they have?
    Nobody seems to be outraged when our kids are eviscerated and/or beheaded.

  5. Fredd, Yea, kill as many as you can, but break the UCMJ and put it on the net, and now you're in the machine.

  6. Z, Like even 1 % of those tool bozos has the slightest freakin clue...
    It's a madhouse.

  7. These guys haven't figured out not to let yourself be filmed when you get a necrophilic hard on?

    Losing a stripe would be enough but relations with the Afghan's are touchy.

    Lt. Colonel Allen West is a douche nozzle who was eased out of the armed forces for compromising an intelligence asset. He should probably spare everyone and STFU.

  8. Duck, I'm quite sure you haven't been there or anywhere near so you are the one who needs to STFU.

    Relations with the Afghans aren't touhy at all. They're non-existent. It's Lord of the Flies over there. Read it if you haven't.

    The Marines didn't have hard on's I can assure you.

    Allen West has a bead on reality and the experience to back it up. You? Not even close.

    So, What make you tick Duck? Typical "Put Powerful people down to build yourself up" psychology ?

    It's pretty lame - and transparent.

    Tell us of your accomplishments and experience so that we may take your criticism with more weight than a feather.