Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Denial, Anger, Depression, Acceptance Put to Music

It was great to be a part of the good times !  We were lucky really.

Atlas Shrugged.


  1. Would you believe my mother owned this album? And I listened to it. Classic.

  2. This was one of the first albums I ever bought, at age 15 or so.

    I was a '45' guy before that.

    Almost sounds like I might have had a pet dinosaur as well.

  3. Hey Kid, This is still in my much treasured LP collection. Not a huge fan of PF but a classic to be sure.

  4. Opus, Fredd, Christopher, I was of the age when this album came out. It was magic. The best album by far that year, then we went to see them perform it live start to finish in Pittsburgh. They sounded Exactly like the studio version. Best concert I ever went to.

    Many of the tunes are timeless. It will last. Too bad they only play 'Money' on the radio. It's the only tune I don't much care for on the LP. but that's typical.

    They only play White Room by Cream, and ditto.

    Fredd, I still have my dinsoaur, though I did part with half my NUGT today ;)

    Opus, most of these tunes are great to listen to on a lazy summer night looking at the stars :)

  5. I almost wore the grooves off this vinyl in '74, my first year at university. Sweet.

  6. KP, Nothing like it on a warm summer night in those days.

  7. Most over rated album ever.

    Think I was listening to Art Ensemble of Chicago's "Fanfare for the Warriors" when this came out.

    Something with some balls. Instead of Lester Bowie and Joseph Jarman we get a bunch of limp wristed English druggies.

    The culture is shot.