Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Quickie !


A prime example of how pathetic msnbc's 'journalism' is.  And I picked this one because it's not some trivial subject. It is front and center.

Can you believe that No Where in this article does the "author" consider that extended unemployment benefits might have some bearing on why people aren't looking for jobs....  as in Why work when you can sit at home - be on extended vacation ?

First mention of it is WAY down in the comments.  Just do a find on 'unemployment benefits'.

The country is being 'informed' by morons.


  1. They Say. I Did! too many times :)
    But employment-wise, I always wanted to be moving forward.

  2. People on the dole should be prohibited from voting. Conflict of interest.

  3. Opus, it started out you had to be a property owner to vote because the government was funded by property taxes. Income taxes didn't arrive until the early 1900's. (Because few women owned property many people are confused and think women were not allowed to vote. Not true of course)

    Today, I absolutely believe that it should be that: you must have paid net taxes since the last election in order to be able to vote in the current election.

    For example, an election for President (4 year interval). In the last 4 years, your total of FEDERAL INCOME TAX + STATE INCOME TAX + PROPERTY TAX MINUS FED and STATE TAX REFUNDS must be a positive number in order for your vote to be valid.

    CongressCritter - 2 years.

    Course, that also brings into play that you can't be an Alien from the Vega System and have your vote count either since you have no valid Tax ID.

    Otherwise, as we can see today, we have the most unproductive, unintelligent(a generalization) people controlling the direction of the country. It's Fucking insane.
    And the F word is granted in this case I believe.

  4. PS- In the above equation, you must subtract not only FED and STATE Tax ReFUNDS< but you must also subtract ANY MONEY YOU GOT FROM THE FED OR STATE GOVERNMENT FOR ANY REASON.

    Sorry, I'm such a screw up when it comes to math and beautiful women at the same time.....

  5. "The country is being 'informed' by morons."
    How true--
    Looks like we 'bloggers' will have to continue to write-to counter-act the MSM-


  6. The author in your linked piece was much like a talking financial head trying to tell us why the market went up or down in a single day, in 20 words or less.

    And she still came to no conclusion as to why unemployment is dogging the Food Stamp President.

    There was no mention in this article of the REAL reason that unemployment is so high: employers are scared shitless to hire anyone under the current economic conditions. Looming large are Obamacare, tax increases, and all kinds of legislative risk (Congress is eyeballing jacking up long term capital gains, and all of those fat, juicy cash accounts sitting in IRA's and 401(k)s).

    Mark my words: once the employer class in our country see that the Marxists are going to get clobbered at the ballot box, unemployment will drop like a stone. That, and gold prices, Kid. ;-)

  7. Fredd, oblabbercare and regulation stifling business? True as well, but if we assume that employers are having a hard time finding people, I do think the never ending unemployment figures into it heavily.

    And as soon as that starts happening, I'll join you in your gold short ! :)

    It's looking that the dollar is about to take another Nestea plunge ! Watch UUP tomorrow. All about the dollar Fredd. For now at least.

    Humbly submitted.

  8. amazing post..and so true.

    And "YES" to every single comment above.. But what are we DOING about it? How can we get journalists to think when our college kids aren't allowed to think? Journalists of 30 years ago would have fired anybody like this.

    "informed by morons" is so right, Kid.
    some days, it feels like all we've got is the blogs...and then we see that SOPA thing and wonder, seriously, how much longer will we be able to get information the media's keeping from us all?

  9. Z, Thank you so much.

    Hmm, why do journalists favor the democrats so heavily? That is hard to answer, but it is a fact, 90% of political donations from this industry goes to the Dems. I don't have an answer. Are their minds gone to the communist indoctrination? Do they feel they profit (or actually profit) from steering this country in this direction? I don't know.

    I feel all I have is the internet. I do read some regular news at news.google.com daily as I sit in front of a PC, but it is simply impossible for me to sit and watch MSM news, even FOX. I'm like a mountain man that can't handle breathing the city air at this point...

    The biggest misinformation by the MSM is by omission. All the things they Don't say. Which is a tremendous lot of.

    Yes, Imagine! Radio Free America !

  10. The country is being 'informed' by morons.

    Most of them are behind the mike for rabies radio.

    People aren't looking for jobs? New applications were reported at 350,000 which means hiring is ahead of the work force increase.

    Remember, listen to too much Beck and you get stupid. The left is here to help you live the life of the mind.

  11. Duck, I don't listen to Beck. I think he's an idiot and an embarrassment to conservatives.
    Nor hannity, nor rush. nor green eggs and ham.

    New applications? You mean new Initial Jobless Claims? 250k is a lot. 3 years into it. And not a single month doth make a trend.

    And in reply - pay too much attention to government reported numbers and YOU get stupid. But we'll see.

  12. New jobs are being lost and the unemployed have had to stop looking in disillusionment.....
    Kid, you're right...

    By the way, Ducky, how's Air America doing for you?