Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do Ya Know What I'm Sayin?


There is language a bit further down, just FYI.

A federal appeals court upheld an injunction against a voter-approved ban on Islamic law in Oklahoma on Tuesday, saying it likely violated the U.S. Constitution by discriminating against religion.

A three-member panel of the Denver-based U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that the rights of plaintiff Muneer Awad, a Muslim man living in Oklahoma City, likely would be violated if the ban on Sharia law takes effect.


Forget the fact that sharia law is in opposition to so many human rights laws already on the books in the United States it would make your head spin fast enough to create a sonic boom.

Will People understand now?

FUCK NO AND FUCK ME !  Stick a fork in this dysfunctional fucking country.  Let's not offend the sadistic vermin that regularly perform clitorectomies, cut the heads off of their wives who are too old to please them anymore and stone to death those evil teenage girls for the crime of being raped by a pack of jackal muslim teenage boys.

Fuck Me.
You people better get your head out of your ass and fight for this country or you're going to be sorry and it's going to be soon.


  1. I love your post labels, ha ha!

    Yep, we're all screwed if islam takes hold of western society.

    Forget women's suffrage.

    Begin western women's suffering.

  2. I can't respond to this; it's absolutely unbelievable and people aren't RUSHING the OKLAHOMA CITY screeching "THIS IS AMERICA, ARE YOU NUTS?" WHY AREN'T THEY?
    It's getting to where I don't want to go to blogs and see more and more and more bad news. UGH.

    By the way, Kid...you are really doing a fabulous job at my place with net and Mustang...thanks SO much. Brilliant, powerful; pure patriot. I'm so glad you're there.zx

  3. Opus. lol. Thank you. I think the sarah palin thing will get me a million liberal visitors by itself LOL...

    What else could be said. ? Wow.

  4. Z, I understand. What can possibly be said about this? It's Un Real. I'ts like janate neapolitian-ice-cream telling us we can take a couple nuke attacks in stride and no one says boo.

    Hopefully the first nuke goes off in her Boxer Shorts.

    Thank you so much, Some of my best stuff is rolling off my fingers there if I may say so...

    zx ? Is that something kinky? :)

    In that case zzx and xxz ! lol

  5. Opus, PS- women will only suffer in America if and when the sheepdogs are silenced or disarmed.

    Or when islamic radicals find a way to bullet proof their foreheads.

  6. I keep saying it, there's gonna be a reckoning. But there are just too many sheeple and not enough sheep dogs I fear this time around.

  7. If that ruling is not an impeachable offense against us, I don't know what is.

    We still impreach judges here, don't we?

  8. Sig, you're right about the sheepdogs I'd say.

    For me, I'd like to think I'm a Josey Wales kinda guy, "When the world gets tough you just gotta get meaner and tougher".

    But this slow slide to ruin is not something that can be attacked directly, or in any reasonable period of time.

  9. Fredd, Yea, it's a paradox. islam is unconstitutional !

    How about we create a religion that condones and encourages the selling of woman and their rape, then that will be legal in Ameri... Oh wait, islam beat us to it.

  10. Opus, I had double all time single day page views yesterday. hahaa.

  11. This is the Elites destablizing our nation through a proxy.

    Question: How the HELL do Muslims get into this country since 9/11?
    Answer: The UN tells us we have to take them in. They settle here in TN and get $30k a year for two years to get established. Isn't that special?

    Question: Why do we the people allow this when general polls say that Americans of all stripes agree that immigration is a problem?
    Answer: We are not a sovereign nation, but a bankster puppet state wherein the puppeteers are moving people around the world, which they consider their own personnel chessboard. Hell, they write books called "The Grand Chessboard" which is a play by play on how to take over the Eurasian continent, the linchpin for global domination. Can't drum up fear without some of the enemies over here in the New World, though can we?

  12. We have no power RM. It's all an illusion.

    And the vast majority of people calling themselves Conservative sitting around like cats being entertained by a shiny cat toy when they listen to rush et al.
    And they think they're being informed while the blood pressure gets cranked up and more money goes into Big Pharma. They got em coming and going and back again.

    It's hilarious. Kinda.