Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Solutions, Part 2, or The Next Big Thing

Alternate title - Don't talk to me about Entitlements until you make some progress on this crap!

Seriously, the number of people that have their underwear in a bunch because of some people getting what? 1500 a month social security, and that's our Big problem ?

Ah no.  This is our big problem.

Think Greece. It’s coming in some form or another and it hasn’t been given Any media attention what-so-ever. 

It’s called public unions (Toss in GM and Chrysler too) and their raping of America.  
In the past I’ve complained about them working the system so as to exclude themselves from poor economic conditions. Translated as taking more money from the non-union taxpayers (most of us) who have less to give because of the poor economic conditions, no raises in years, and the devaluation of whatever money they have stuffed in a mattress.  Then crying like babies because they have to kick in 75 bucks a year for a Cadillac Health Plan.  Oh Boo Freakin Hoo.

And recently in Ohio, people voted to let them continue raping us at will.  Though most of the people that showed up at the polls for this special election were surely public union members and no doubt there was some voter fraud ala oblabber's election.  Add in some non public union morons who bought their fake sob story radio ads.  Ads that were paid for by tax dollars distributed to the unions as 'Stimulus money'.  There's nothing good here.  Seriously.

You’d think that should be bad enough. It gets worse, and it is going to get much worse yet.
Here’s a Philadelphia council woman to retire, pass go, collect $478,000, then start back to work on Monday...
This isn’t a one off. 
This is going on all across the country.

States have been giving special retirement status to a growing number of types of positions. We can all agree that a 65 year old firefighter would be about useless, but Liquor Control Officer?, Gaming Officer?, Prison Worker?, Fire Investigator?, Dispatcher?, Motor vehicle Inspector?
In California, Milk Inspectors get this special status.

What is the special status? Well, it’s the ability to retire at 50-55 with large amounts of compensation (85% of salary for example for a 50 yr old prison worker in California) and full health and other benefits. Based on today’s life expectancy, that’s a 35 year vacation at Your expense. If you’re a non-union taxpayer.  And no doubt when they reach age, they'll also apply for social security and medicare.

This stuff is ramping up big time,  as more workers are pulled into special status.  Sounds like Greece all over again.
Why did I not get a state job ?   

I feel like a schlep for working my entire life since I was 15 so I could support a bunch of parasites on a 35 year vacation, albeit some of whom, like Sig94 - actually contributed something.  But I think he is in the minority here.


  1. Kid - my pension is ok but I still have to work. Have to as in "must."

    But I retired with a few other guys that I knew had beefed up their pension by doing basically nothing. I have talked to other cops that this pension system has to be fixed before the whole shebang goes bust. The benefits cannot be maintained at this level.

    Almost 40 years ago, when I first started, cops made squat. I started working six days on, two days off for about $4.50/hr and made 5 cents an hour extra for working midnights. That has changed big time.

  2. Sig, Yea, I don't see how it can continue.

    And that sure doesn't sound anything like today! Brother of friend of mine in Phoenix was not much more than entry level and was making 65k/yr total with after-hours security type gigs and such.

  3. The Labour Dept. Sec. wrote a regulation that all General Contractors have to with hold all sub contractors taxes...hum lumping all self employed in to one pot---easier to UNIONIZE. Also makes homeowners who hire handymen on the hook for with holding taxes-maybe?
    You do realize that the first Unions were invented by THE KNIGHTS OF LABOR,eh?
    Knights Templars/Masons!
    Now does all this raping America"s population make sense?
    Since everything was taken from them they vowed to get it all back, teaming with the Masons (seeking shelter) made it much easier so now they want the thensome!

  4. They Say, Yes, I heard they passed a law that requires anyone to issue a 1099 form to anyone they pay more than 600 clams to.

    This kind of shit makes doing business more expensive and prices to go up.

    The dems are either F* stupid or intentionally trying to destroy the country. I vote the latter.

  5. Kid: what do you call a bus loaded with labor lawyers that crashes into the side of a mountain, bursts into an inferno, and burns to an unrecognizable crisp?

    Answer: a good start.

    And a follow up question: what do you call the same bus, but it had a few empty seats prior to this crash?

    Answer: unfortunate.

  6. Kid:

    Don't get me started! DOH! You already did. Your list of public sector union layabouts on 35 year vacations should be much, MUCH longer. The biggest government mooches are public union K-12 teachers. They retire like kings and queens at age 55 or so, all on the public dime. And county and state accountants, groundskeepers, truck drivers, and all manner of administrative types, they ALL retire between 52 and 55 if they so choose, and lay around on the beaches near their Boca Raton condos for the next 35 years, sipping mai tais at your expense and mine.

    I know of many examples personally, and they truly think they earned these 35 year vacations by taking less in pay over their working years than they could have earned in the private sector (SEIU people). That may have been true during the Truman administration, but boy is that not the case now.

  7. Fredd, Lawyers are more of a problem than otherwise.

    Fredd, If I kept going I wouldn't have known where to stop so I decided to keep it to a reasonable size. I think most people like something that a couple minute read, like your posts usually are btw, and I think everyone will get the idea.

    It's incredible man, I think it's just unfixable now. Too far gone.

    And the NLRB just made some changes to make it easier for them/unions to infect more companies. I thought that had to go through Congress?

    Checks and balances right Fredd? What a freakin joke.

  8. "Diary of a Right Wing Peace Loving Pussycat" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  9. working since I was 12-
    it was what we did-
    now-I see the young people wondering and asking-why bother? if the govt is going to take it all away---


  10. Jerry, Thanks for the compliment. Interesting site you have. I bookmarked it.

  11. Carol-CS, or think the gov is going to give them something.

  12. You shoulda heard Walter E. Williams in for elRushbo last week. He stole my stuff! Blasting old people for taking all our money, and not doing anything for it.

    Ol' Wally, he knows the deal. And he's even older than I am. But quite a few years, I might add...

  13. Fredd, it's one thing to take 10 years of your life after having worked a good solid time and having PAID IN ALL THOSE YEARS to a program billed as YOUR ACCOUNT. I don't care that they try to redefine it to after the fact as being something else because they sole all the money and destroyed the program. Not my problem.

    It's another to take a 35 year vacation compensated far above the level of the average middle class individual. For what? Working 9 months a year, indoctrinating our kids with the communist agenda?