Wednesday, January 25, 2012

There are Millions Like This

I get this in email from a friend who listens to Michael Medved on the radio...

Some guy is talking to Medved, he sez he has a 22 year old daughter who’s a single mother, works at a gas station/convenience store as a cashier part-time, makes $8 an hour. He sez that she gets food stamps, assisted living (Section 8 probably), welfare, free healthcare for her and her kid, free college including books, and gets $2400 a year back from the government on top of her normal refund under the earned income tax credit…
Dude sez that there are millions out there like her, and that the Repubs just aren’t doing enough to help them, so he’s 100% a ‘crap…
Medved asks him, ‘What more do you think the government should do to help her?!?’

Dude sez that they should require the mega-corp that owns the gas station to pay her better. 

Yes, there are millions like her. More every day.
I'm not jealous. I understand that as time rolls along, the standard of living gets better for each generation, but really?  When I was 22, or any other age, I worked for any dime I had in my pocket.  Any material goods I had were bought with that money. These kids have it good.  They don't know hard times. Hell, they don't know tough times.

It won't continue.  It's not natural.  Success only comes from hard work and accomplishment.  Why didn't she and her dad appreciate that she gets the opportunity of free college so she can learn a Skill and get a job that pays more accordingly? 

This is too much of America now.  It is why I'm negative.  These people won't learn or acquire a healthy mindset or work ethic on their own.  It is why indefinite unemployment benefits and bleeding heart liberal benefits will kill this county.  It is a cancer and it is spreading fast.  Especially with the imbecile in the White House.


  1. Yup, all these ones now days, they want everything free from the gov't. They want "us" to pay for their free ride. They make me sick! I truly do think Kitteh would be a better prez than the imbecile we're stuck with now.

  2. Your post labels are still making me lol. Does that bring interesting Goo gle searches?

  3. Bunni :) Let's make it happen ! :)
    Purr baby..

  4. Opus, actually, not that I can tell. The traffic seems about the same for a long time now and fairly low around 100 hits a day. Which, since I'm not advert'ing I don't much care.

    I'm much more happy knowing I make you smile, so thanks. :)

  5. fececious, I'm with you! But it's looking less likely by the day. The game is fixed of course.

  6. There's a father saying we should help more when, thirty years ago, he'd have died of humiliation that his daughter was in this situation.
    This putting up with her grabbiness and still demanding more for her was surely not brought on by Conservatives, THAT we all know.

  7. Z, Yep, that's what I'm sayin baby.

    If I were that girl, my dad would have knocked me into last decade (and disowned me as you say) to be getting so much and whine about it like that. Unbelievable transformation of society and expectations.

    It can't continue. We just don't have the resources for that, let alone that girl is never going to be of any use to anyone as an employee.

    I'm getting a vision of this country 20-30 years for now and it is not pretty.

  8. Financially, things didn't ease up for my wife and I until I was in my late forties. I can remember getting paid and having to take money out of savings to buy groceries one day later and I was a sgt. at the time.

    Thank God things are better but there was a whole lot of rough patches between then and now.

  9. Sig, that sounds a lot like my own life. Man, how did we get here? Well, it started in 1964 with LBJ for sure.

    Hard time will be interesting if they come.

  10. Many of us grew up with very little materially. We have seen tough times.

    FOUR PILLARS: however, more often than not we were wealthy with a family's love, we learned work ethic at a young age, had humility and a willingness to learn and were spiritual. A table must have four legs to be stable.

    The countries 'greatest generation' (now in their 70s and 80s) gave so much, but took just as much. My generation (mid 50s) has compounded the situation. My children's generation (early to mid 20s) has less chance to rise out of our massive debt.

    I feel badly for them. This country is a table with three legs.

  11. KP, You make my point better than I did. Four Pillars. Some things are necessary to have a healthy society.

    I never heard of anyone getting free money when we grew up. True lasting happiness only comes from hard work and accomplishment.

  12. The free money is designed to make us feel "ok" about our currency being devalued. They're just shuffling it around so we don't come after them with pitchforks. As they screw with the money supply, college become impossible to afford. Seriously, who can wait tables for $7000 in tuition besides living expenses a year? That's on the cheap side. Instead of making it impossible to go to college, they pass out the freebies so we all say Yay! to having our currency slowly strangled right in front of us. College is probably a waste at this point anyway, except the Elite make it a hoop to jump through to get one of their precious jobs.

    I remember getting the EIC one year when I was in college, funny thing was, I didn't even ask for it. I thought since I was getting a refund anyway, I didn't qualify. But no, the good ol' IRS, not wanting a potential free money addict to get away, sent me a check for $2500, saying whoops you missed this? Would I take free money from the gov? Hell yes, especially when I know they're going to be screwing me over every other way for the rest of my life.

  13. I think we should start throwing them out in the streets with a begging bowl.

    That includes the kids.

    We'll have a much stronger society. She'll pull herself up and get an account executive position at Fidelity without these handouts.

  14. Note that JP Morgan is who benefits from the food stamp program. It's one of the many ways they're latched on the Federal Reserve titty.

  15. RM, Yes, if you can't beat them join them. Truly no sense punishing yourself. I just read a story today that detailed how associate level lawyers haven't gotten raises since the market/economy blew up and today or lately, unless you're top of the class you're not even getting hired.

    Not a bad thing all in all. Too much supply anyway.

    I have no doubt the social programs are all designed to make slaves and subjects of us all. It's gone on unabated since 1963 with no end in sight.

    I swear today's young people don't even know how it's Supposed to work or what the founding documents and accepted laws are in place for.

  16. RM, JP Morgan? I hadn't run across that connection yet, but I'll buy it.

    I heard recently, that states were getting Lots of pressure to increase their food stamp, medicaid, etc roles. We know why.

  17. Duck, I agree with you.

    Need the jobs though. Clinton helped send them all away to Mexico, China, India, Honduras, Indonesia, etc.

    Can't make em work without jobs. But yea, all she gets and the family thinks she ought to be getting more.

    Wish I was college age now, cause I sure was dirt poor then.