Friday, November 30, 2012

Language! It's Getting Beyond My Ability to Verbalize

I look at and there is so much bullshit there, it's like a water-boarding experience in bullshit. 

It has little to do with google, though I'm sure they filter their 'news' offerings to a left leaning bent..

Like this, but don't focus on this.  It's all like this. Bear in mind, this has nothing to do with "Israel".  Consider it a generic paradox of nonsense spewed by democrats and the news people.

 hilrod clinton calls on a nation to embrace vermin who, without provocation, send thousands of rockets into their civilian areas attempting to kill men, women, and children.

hey hilrod- Fuck you.  hey 'news people with your constant publishing of images of palestinian children on stretchers and no images of Israeli's with their limbs blown off by random rocket fire.. fuck you.
These are the same 'news' people who abore anti-semitism right?

Such a fucked up world we live in now.

You know,  the Israeli's moved themselves into the middle of a hornet's nest.  It is their primary responsibility to defend themselves.  The USA has always assisted freedom loving nations, so I can accept some level of assistance if and when, but 'embrace moderate palestinians'.... There are none.  I know people who left there and will testify to the fact that if you live there and aren't willing to die trying to kill Israeli's, they'll kill you themselves.  There are no moderate palestinians.

It's like every ounce of input coming from external sources is 100% bullshit anymore.  What's worse, 51+% of the population of the USA doesn't have any problem with that.


  1. Hey, Kid:

    Did you hear about the poker game involving Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and a Moderate Palestinian? On one fantastic hand, Santa Claus was dealt a Royal Flush in hearts: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten. He was all in. Then the Tooth Fairy picked up his hand, it was a Royal Flush in clubs, he called Santa, all in. Then the Moderate Palestinian looked at his cards: Royal Flush in diamonds. He, too, called.

    Who won?

    Haha! This is a trick question: NOBODY WON. They are all fictitious characters, and don't exist

    Get it? See, Santa and the Tooth Fairy.,..oh, never mind.

    1. Hey Fredd, agreed, and I wasn't trying to open up a conversation about the situation over there but moreso that it seems every stinkin thing coming across the 'news' wires is total bullshit. I really don't want to know much about the situation there and what I do has been force fed. I'll be forgetting about is as soon as I can which will likely be never.

  2. You're right in the sense that a balanced, unbiased picture of this benighted region is needed, if ever there could be any hope of understanding the place, but no one is getting. We get pure Palestinian advocacy from the left, and mostly unabashed, almost fanatical philo-Semitism from the right.

    Human beings are human beings. The Arabs may not be as bright as the Jews -- that seems pretty obvious -- but that doesn't mean they deserve to be treated like stray animals.

    Does anyone really believe the Jewish State has no responsibility whatsoever for the persistent show of ill will and violence in the region?

    Sure, it's not all Israel's fault by a long shot, but neither are the Israelis and their powerful advocates totally blameless either.

    In my never humble opinion it was unwise at best to "plant" modern-day Israel in the middle of that hornet's nest you eloquently referred to.

    You can't lie down in a den of vipers and expect to get up without being bitten.

    Being "right" has little to do with anything. In the world of Realpolitik the only things that matter are being prudent and pragmatic.

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. no images of Israeli's with their limbs blown off by random rocket fire..


    Because it hasn't happened. Really, get a clue.

    This myth of the poor little defenseless welfare queens in Israel has made any
    objective reporting impossible.

    Israeli casualties from rocket fire have been a mosquito bite.

    A more interesting discussion might be why Likud targeted foreign new headquarters in Gaza.
    But you aren't going to find comprehensive coverage at Breitfart or from the likes of the rabies media.

    1. Duckbiy, I know it's a shock, but you've missed the point. Try again maybe.

  4. The spin is really going to start hitting overdrive now that the executive order dictator has more time.

    Just wrap duct tape around your head and whistle for a pressure relief valve.

    1. Admiral, with a lib supreme court, he won't even much need exec orders. The diseased libs will be bringing every vampire wish list item they have before the court who will be ramming so much shit down our throats, N Korea will start looking good.

      Anyway, I'm thinking of enclosing the house in lead.

  5. Lead? They already know our IP adress.
    And now the U.N. is reachun for control of the Internet.
    No news is good news-right? NOT NOW. We will be forced fed what ever they want to be news worthy.
    Will we be targeted for leaking some tib bits we find out from undergroud sources.
    Our will we just be censored, and what ever we try to post will be reposted with THE SPIN?

    1. They Say, Nothing will surprise me at this point. I do think at some point conservatives will simply be censored everywhere.

  6. Wow! Tell us how you really feel!

    I agree completely. Getting to anything even resembling the truth requires wading through pile of BS...

    1. SF, Every day man, an entire page of bullshit. Day after day. Stories and headlines that have nothing to do with reality. I can't imagine Russia being any worse.
      And this particular story about the clinton bitch mouthing off, and her being primarily responsible for allowing people including the Ambassador under her supervision, and in service to America in some shithole like Libya, is just too much to pass on sometimes.

      I hate the democrats. Pure evil lying sacks of shit. Losers, Morons and thieves. In my opinion of course. :)

  7. Bush gave President Obama an economy that was flatlining.
    And Obama put it on life support and four years later it well on it way to a full recover.
    Obama inherited an economy that was in free fall and Obama’s policies, the stimulus, bank and auto industry bailouts and more has created 5 million jobs. Obama’s policies are not hurting the economy, but helping. Men and women who are still unemployed is because of the side effects of the Bush’s 8 years of borrowing and reckless spending and it may be felt for decades to come. Two wars not paid for, tax cuts for the rich not paid for and a Medicare prescription drug program not paid for. Wrong answer. It’s being paid for by hard working taxpayers money. Obama’s policies stimulated the economy and put life back into it and we are well into recovery.
    Romney is lying when he say Obama’s policies are hurting women and Tagg can take his best swing at me but I call a spade a spade. Romney flip flops so much that he even forgets and you cannot know where he stands on an issue from one minute to another. Meaning anything Romney say cannot be trusted. When is the Right going to stop blaming Obama for the flat lining economy he left Obama and give him credit for giving the economy a shock and bringing it back to life with the stimulus and bailouts for the banking and auto industry. Put blame were blame is and give credit where credit is due. The glass is half full. The economy is well into recovery and you don’t take a horse out of the race with he’s winning.
    Radical Right Wing Extremists rhetoric that Obama took a bad economy and made it worse it not only a lie but a damn lie.

    1. Parroting the regime's talking points verbatim will not change anyone's mind here. You must be trolling for reactions.

    2. Briefly to this uneducated, unable to converse grammatically, entity who no doubt dreams of unbridled sex with obama, I'll just point out that Ronald Reagan inherited an economic situation that was seized up and Much Worse that it was in Jan 2009, and Mr Reagan not only fixed it in less than 4 years, but created an economical growth engine that lasted through 4 more years of his own term, plus 4 of Bush Sr, 8 of the clinton regime and some # of years into Bush Jr.


  8. All the news is 100% BS
    I'm sick of the MSM spin on everything. Thank goodness for the blogs, who tell it like it is.
    Have a fun weekend, Kid.

    1. Bunni, Enjoy your weekend !. PS - regards Opus's recent post, - I always pictured you as Ann Margaret ! Isn't that wild ?