Monday, December 17, 2012

Crime Rate Higher in Unarmed UK

Good God Fredd the report speaks for itself. Get over it ! ;-)

Click the Image for the Article, Which Details the Absurdity.


  1. As the old saying goes, when you make it a crime to have a gun, in the end only criminals will have guns.

    The UK crime rates will continue to climb until a breaking point is reached, but I can't even guess as to what will happen after that.

  2. Fredd, it's so obvious, it is stunning that anyone would think anything different.

  3. Murder rate much higher in armed U.S.

  4. Of course, all the article demonstrates is that crime in Britain is higher than other European countries with strict firearms laws.

    Pitch till you win.
    I love it when the fringe right tries to think.

    1. duck, you're a moron. it clearly points out that crime rates are Much higher in the UK than in the USA. I'd think you're a put on but you've been displaying your shit for brains too long.

  5. How many people are in England-er The U.K.
    And How many people are Here in the U.S.A.
    Percentage wise---what is the difference?
    Lower or Higher per-cent Crime Rate per capita here than there?

    1. They Say, the rate per 100,000 in the UK is Much higher than in the USA. The USA doesn't even show up in the top 10 on the chart at the top of the article.

      How are you doing ?

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Carol-CS, Well, thanks to whomever put them together actually. It is only common sense, or uncommon sense these days after all.

  7. When guns are outlawed, only the criminals have guns!
    I hope your Christmas Season is going well, Kid!

    1. That's right Bunni, Can you see these buffoons over here trying to disarm criminals. They can't keep heroin dealers away from grade schools. Then imagine if they all knew Else everyone was disarmed. Good God, the ignorance is breathtaking.

  8. Wow...and don't you know Ducky's STILL saying Switzerland is the highest murder rate in Europe?~! The truth is absolutely forgotten by lefties.
    The Brit cops are finally armed, aren't they? But nobody else can own a gun, or???

    I wish we could start at a sort of 'ground zero' of no guns in existance......another thing the left doesn't seem to understand is that even if Obama asks his bad guy fans "Please give us your guns" (adding the tears he's been so prone to shed recently) they wouldn't. We can't start over, they HAVE THEM. We can't wait till they kill us because we're unarmed.
    But, of course, the left will read my words and say THE RIGHT WANTS NO GUN LAWS WHATSOEVER. Sometimes, I'm convinced they can't rationalize.


    1. Hi Z, Yes the British cops are finally armed. I read on their own government's website that "1 in 3 youths carries a gun or knife." Don't know how many guns that equates to but they obviously can't keep them out, and do you think the muslims over there a well as a host of other foreigners Don't have guns?

      It's laughable and pathetic, this prepubescent demand to "Get rid of the guns"
      -No one can. The criminals will always have them.
      -If you could, then you'd have people getting mutilated with swords in sword free zones.
      Very recently in China or Japan, some whackjob sliced up a bunch of kids in a school with a knife.
      - The USA and Russia proved to the world the only way to stay safe is Balance of Power. People occasionally still get hurt so the world trips it doesn't fall.
      - Bad things will always happen and they cannot be prevented.
      - This whole subject is much more about the almost total lack of care for the mentally Ill.
      - It's not lost on me the libs closed the asylums and created this problem to a large extent. And they may have closed them out of fear of ending up in there themselves, since liberalism IS a mental disease. It is arrested mental development, leaving people like Duck with the deductive powers of about a 4 year old.

    2. Z, PS - They Can Not Rationalize ! They prove it all day long. Even the supposed "schmartie" ones on TV. Their Effing Morons !

      The country is being run by children. Evil little children put in office by a voting majority that isn't much better if at all.

    3. "1 in 3 youths carries a gun or knife" -- unconfirmed.

      "the libs closed the asylums" -- in the UK "care in the community" was a Thatcher policy. Thatcher's a lib?

      I take the point that your starting point of widespread gun ownership profoundly disadvantages any gun control policy we might now want to enact.

    4. Jez, 1 in 3, well, it was reported on a UK government site.

      Libs closed the asylums, that comment was about the USA.

      Gun policy, I'm not sure what you're saying here, but guns aren't that hard to get just like anything else 'illegal', and you're on an island, imagine how loose it is in the USA. But I will state my point as - You're not going to preempt any given lunatic. You're not going to eliminate criminals from having access to various types of guns or other weapons.
      Therefore the sensible thing to do is allow lawful people to arm and protect themselves. Home invasions, rapes, burglaries, muggings, will Definitely be reduced especially when some perps start showing up at the morgues and get widespread reporting in the news.

      I think England has a wonderful opportunity to say Yes, you may now own a handgun or rifle, shotgun. But you must first have a background check and you must complete a conceal carry type course as are available in the USA before you get the gun.

      Your crime rate will shrink tremendously.

      I'm playing chess online with some folks in the UK, and the consensus with these Few people is that the immigrants are F things up pretty good. Many of them, muslims for example, have no interest in following your laws.

      Final comment. I don't get my right to protect My life or those of my family from Anyone. I was born with it. That's my attitude. If I find myself in a situation where I need 50 caliber machine guns mounted at the windows, then there should be nothing to stop me.
      Which kinds of brings us back to why the USA was created in the first place and why those wonderful people worked so hard and suffered so much to create this free nation. It's about down the tubes now, but we had a good run eh.

  9. Kiddo, the article also calls for analysis of how the statistic is composed.

    It does state that figures for simple assault may be exaggerated.
    "But criminologists say crime figures can be affected by many factors, including different criminal justice systems and differences in how crime is reported and measured.

    In Britain, an affray is considered a violent crime, while in other countries it will only be logged if a person is physically injured."

    Now why not read the article and try to reason.

    1. Stop trying to think duck, you'll hurt yourself,