Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Memo # 2 to Brainless Twits Masquerading as Tea Party Members.

Please refer to Memo # 1 issued by the Republican (hopefully soon to be Tea and RINO Free) Party. 

When Asked Any Question that Refers to Abortion, your answer will be "Pro-Life, but obey the current laws". 

Then Stop. 

Shut Up. 

Refrain from saying Blindingly Stupid Incorrect Shit Like "Rape is God's Plan".


  1. Pro-Life,but obey the current laws-
    Not following you on this one Kid--
    as to rape- the rapist must be immediately executed-
    the human child in the womb is innocent-

    why would a Pro- Life individual advocate taking the life of an innocent child- there are many who are willing to help the woman who was raped- even to paying for her up-keep and adopting the OTHER VICTIM of the rape- the innocent HUMAN child ...

    This from a reformed semi Liberal-pro-"choicer" (did an 'about face' 29 years ago and have never looked back) who has since - carefully self studied HIStory -Biblical-US-Medical and World -
    Founder/Pres of LA Lutherans for Life

    1. Carol-CS, First off I'm suggesting that when the vampire media asks questions of non-democrat candidates, they don't let themselves be suckered into making idiotic statements that will be front page til the election. Therefore I'm suggesting afore mentioned idiots merely say "I'm pro-life (if they are) but I respect the law (SC decision on Row Wade) and am not going to force my opinions on others." period. Or add that yes of course, given the opportunity, we will look for SC judges that we believe will uphold the constitution as constitutional conservatives.

      As opposed to getting into some personal biblical translation of a situation like rape and coming to the conclusion verbally that rape is God's Plan. They really have no business blabbering all of this to the press, it has no business being part of an election let alone the business of Congress.

      Secondly, I'll just say that if I were a woman, raped by some animal, I would not carry the child. Even though I'm pro-life. Don't tell the media I said that please ;)

      The situation is too absurd to even be discussed in a political sense. Abortion by a rape victim will never hit the floor of congress or the supreme court in the next 100 years.

  2. But CS, "rape is God's Plan" sounds like God wants women raped for the product it creates, no?
    I agree that if we believe a fetus is a living being, it shouldn't have to be aborted because it's a product of something SO horrible as rape; but the statement "rape is God's plan" is SICK!
    Kid, have you seen the new meme that the media's putting out there..? ROMNEY WILL OVERTURN ROE V WADE. They'll say ANYTHING these days. If THAT happens, it'll be less what Romney wants to do and much more due to the fact that our country seems to be getting more and more pro life, a phenomenon I find surprising and happy.

    1. They're desperate Z. So my post. These idiots throw them a bone and the dems run with it, lying their asses off like they've done the last 4 years. Or forever for that matter.

      obama lied so hard during the debates, I can't express my feelings about it in public, let alone mixed company.

  3. The republican party will continued to get the shit beat out of them by the dems until they come up with party answer to the issue.

    1. Admiral, and get people who aren't blathering idiots.

  4. Z and KID---from whom did the statement come? RAPE IS GOD'S PLAN--

  5. So our Leader uses the word "Bull- Shit" in an interview with Rolling Stone! Really Presidential isn't he!

    I guess he wanted to fit right in with the Rappers! Well he did!