Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Houston. We Have A Problem

I have not watched any TV or read any election based 'news' items today.  I like to let my thoughts coagulate in a vacuum, and so here they are.  Why the Republicans lost and why they will continue to lose.

  • Very few on the right voted for Romney, Most voted against obama. You need someone people want to vote for to get over the top. I know maybe one person who actually wanted to vote for Romney.
  • The repubs made all these idiot special interest topics their own:
    • Israel. All day, Everyday. We're tired of that shit. We live in America, we don't need to hear about Israel everyday for breakfast.
    • Paul Ryan turning off the money spigot
    • Wisconsin and Ohio Declaring war on Public Unions BEFORE the Election
    • Abortion
    • Illegal Immigration
    • Getting the 47% paying taxes, and most of them back to working for a living
    • Religion
    • Gay Marriage
    • Drugs
    • Crime.
  • Why talk about all this crap!
  • Republican politicians running around spouting idiotic nonsense like Rape is God's Plan! Good Lord! And Women's bodies automatically defend themselves from rape pregnancies. Good God, show me two voters who think women should not be allowed an abortion if they're raped or who would believe that nonsense for money! Tell me some idiots could spout that shit in a bar at 2 AM and not be called an idiot and asked to leave.
  • The Republican politicians were and are not on the same page. Conversely, after the 2004 election, somehow the democrats did get on the same page. A lying, evil, POS page, but the same page nonetheless.

The Republicans are targeting a 'majority' that doesn't exist anymore. There is a new majority and in my opinion, the only way the republicans or Tea Party are going to win at the national level is to get on the same page and keep it simple. Constitutional Liberties, Rewards of Capitalism. Or maybe even lie and tell everyone they'll get free candy.

They can work on stuff once they're in office but they can't go around spouting off about it for 2 years before an election.
And they all need to learn how to not let the media prod them into spewing their guts or saying stupid shit.  Didn't watching Sarah Palin with the media give them a clue?

Then they need to run a candidate that is Bright Red, not some pastel shade of pink, yellow and lavender like Romney. And someone the common man can identify with.  Geeezix, I make 32 trillion a year Myself and Romney even seems like an alien to me!
The Republicans rely on people who are intelligent and do their own research.  That's NOT today's majority, nor will it be ever again in the next 100 + years.
A friend suggested that: The Republicans need to find a way to get their information to the people without relying on only a few radio talk shows that are seriously annoying to boot !  And the dems own the media, so this is no easy task.
Folks, it ain't looking good. 

Honestly, it's a wonder they got as close as they did. It's only because obama is so bad, and the democrats so evil, that they did.
Hopefully, this is my last politically oriented post for at least 3 more years.
I hope you're all doing well.  If anyone cares to have my advice it is this.  Live your lives, love your family, prosper, protect your assets, and have a good time.  We are on, and have been for longer than we'd admit, a path that has already transformed America. 
Best to you all.  A little music please.


  1. Good rant, Kid. I can't dispute one word.

    1. Opus, Thank you so much. Defining the problem is step one eh? Just trying to do that.

  2. In the end we get what we deserve... And so did Oblamer. He has a huge mess and a severely divided nation - all thanks to... him

    1. Pierro. Poetry. True. This is what "America" wants. oblama sure has inherited a mess hasn't he :)

      The societal acrimony is going to escalate.

      Best to you.

      Meow baby.

  3. " me two voters who think women should not be allowed an abortion if they're raped..."

    I guess I'd be one of the two.

    1. So, if a woman is raped you would refuse to allow here to have an abortion?
      I don't agree.

  4. Can't say I blame you for not wanting to blog on politics for awhile. This election has been a rude awakening to us all. I like to think that Obama has no one but himself to blame for the last 4 years, but something tells me that it's still going to be Bush's and the republican's fault.

    1. TCL, Thanks. One of the positives is that only the truly demented will Still be able to blame Bush. My prediction is Gasoline, Energy(which feeds to pretty much everything else), and health related costs are going to be a lot higher obver the next 4 years. That's a tax on everyone. Surely, some people learn something from this ?
      Racism, social mood will also be more of a problem.
      Plus whatever else they do over the next 4. It sure seems they will bring the hammer down with nothing to lose now and able to use the excuse that "the voters sanctioned their agenda".

  5. I agree 100% with your analysis.

    As an immigrant who came for a dream (Self reliance, no statism, freedom), it's very hard on me. Very hard. I am not handling it very well and am considering going back to my loved ones because at the end that's all that really matters when the rest is gone.


    1. Frogburner. Yes, In the end, you and your loved ones are the only things that matter imo.
      May I ask where you came from?
      Honestly. I'm giving serious thought to leaving myself and so your plight hits home as I envision myself potentially jumping from the frying pan to the fire.
      I sure don't want to see all I've worked for stolen from me and given to losers. I've been officially working since I'm 15. I'm not surrendering my assets for "this".

    2. I come from France. I came to the US because I love the country. I deeply love its principles and its Constitution. I just want to cry right now. I may sound like a sissy but it's like when you get married with the girl of your life, and she cheats on you.

    3. FrogBurger, (sorry got your name wrong last time).

      If I could cry - I would. I've been here since 1952. MY America is long gone. Considering my parents - my generation's parents - fought in WWII and therefore were about as American as you could get, it IS very depressing to see it all go to shit in a short 50 years.

      The thought that comes to mind is a Ronald Reagan quote - "America is the world's last best hope for freedom". Not any more? and who would take our place. No one.

    4. Yes that is what is sad. My mom in France is actually very sad about that too while France is going to shit.

      I recently visited Omaha Beach and this makes it even worse when I think about it.

      I am very confused as to how to approach things. I guess it'll settle a bit but for now I am disoriented.

    5. Disoriented. I can relate to that. This whole thing needs a rethink now. From basic living costs to healthcare to domestic threats. Really, the whole gambit.

      I've noted France's increased challenges lately in the news now that they have a hard liberal/socialist president. Can't get money from a rock. 75% tax on the rich won't work.

      I'll be doing some hard thinking myself. Not giving up though either.

      It will be a slow process. Putting the hammer down hurts the economy which reflects negatively on re-election. Right now is a dangerous time tho since the politicos assume people will forget by the time the next election comes around.

    6. FRance is a desperate cause. Because people have been brainwashed. They cannot conceive life without the state and the freebies. Hence my depressed state b/c I know the same process will take place in the US. There's no way around it.

      The only way out of this is to live with that system and cheat. Like many French people do. Work under the table, etc... And that kills me too b/c it leads to unethical behavior. Hence this leads to the police state trying to monitor what you do, catch you speeding all the time (France has radars all over the place), etc...

      Oh God!!

    7. FrogBurger. Agreed. We're on an express elevator to hell. Goin down.

  6. There has been no difference between the parties in years– and years–
    Saw that as a young volunteer- when the R elites ‘gave’ us in CA a man named HUFFINGTON when our Congressman Dannemeyer was winning–
    many veteran volunteers stopped volunteering and voted for the Dem- D.Feinstein-saying-"She would be better than HUFFINGTON…"

    Thanks R elites – for all you have done for our great Republic SARC..

    That was the lead to my post today--

    Will be taking a few days off from all of this--wondering if I should turn my site back to its original intent- my political poetry- art- and music--
    One of my favorite sites - Australian- RWT- has decided to quit- after seeing our election results-Hope he is just tired and will be back---
    Other countries look to us in the US - and are very worried..

    1. Carol-CS, Well, I don't plan to spend much time at all if any on politics. The dems are pure evil and the repubblekins are useless at best. Which I knew going n but figured romney would hold the line on taxes (maybe not with Ryan spewing away) get price of gas down which would lower the cost of everything and neuter or kill obamacare, then just throw the tranny in neutral. That would have been plenty good for me.

      We're essentially done at this point. scuse if I said it already, the dems will claim this election was a sanction of their agenda and they will put the hammer down.
      It'll be fun to watch the middle class libtards squirm ad their cost of living goes sky high, but that's about all the fun this ride is gonna have.

  7. How'd you like to be Karl Rove getting a call from the Koch Bros. asking what they got for their 400 million.

    "Karl, you're late with the vigorish."

    1. Duck, I don't actually think in terms of a 'karl rove'.

  8. We've been a minority party for most of my life, Kid. We had Reagan in the 80's, but never had the House or Senate simultaneously. Sure, there was the 1994 Republican Revolution. That lasted two years, but even then Bubba called most of the shots back then. Then we had a little spurt with Dubya, even though he was essentially a Democrat at heart.

    And again, we had a little upstart thing going in 2010, which sputtered into oblivion almost before it began.

    But we just don't know how to spread the Founding Father's Gospel: get off your butt and make something out of yourself.

    It doesn't sell to Jorge, Juan, Raul and Miguel. Yes, they believe in the Virgin Mary, Jesus and all of that, but deep in their hearts the hispanics that doomed us this time around are in the end just flat out liberals who want free shit. Hard to compete with Santa Claus, as El Rushbo put it.

    1. I won't argue with any of that Fredd. the repubs went from useless to dysfunctional and unrecognizable. And today's voters are focused on the shiny fuzzy balls the dem media waves in front of them, so they're also useless.

  9. I'd leave the country, but where would I go? It is obvious that our country isn't hurting badly enough either economically, spiritually, or morally to change course. Eventually, it will, but it is anyone's guess as to when (I suspect it will be my great grandchildren's generation) it happens and what the country turns to. My immediate job is to prepare my children as best as I can to survive in the country they have been given. Along the way, I will take great enjoyment in watching my liberal friends and relatives suffer as conditions worsen. I truly did not think my country was stupid enough to reelect our current administration. We are a nation filled with people ignorant of history and incapable of computing basic math. We will reap the rewards of their ignorance.

    1. Richard, I could have been more clear, yea I wasn't talking tomorrow, but I can see a bugging out mission potentially in my lifetime, sadly enough.

      May I add my opinion that this administration, all evil all the time, from obama, to the dem senate, to DHS, to AG, and everything down the line got re-elected because the majority is now consumed with self-interest and nothing about the country. Even if young people care about the country, many do, they don't have enough information to come to a reasonable conclusion. Exactly, the path that the defected KGB agent tells us about. If you ahven't see it let me know.

      Yea, enjoy friends and family, reject the libtards, and protect the assets best possible is my plan. It's over. Our America is over. It died a few days ago.

  10. Richard, aka "Arby," back from the grave at Not Your Traditional Man Cave (

    1. Richard, Nice to see you back ! I'll be stopping by when I get a chance, have company thru Sunday.

  11. I'd have trouble saying it much better than you said it here.

    1. Soloman, Thank you.. It's going to be an interesting damn 4.