Friday, December 7, 2012

The Correct Strategy Now

If you're piloting an aircraft and you are in wing stall, the correct and only maneuver that can save you is to point the nose of the plane towards the ground and throttle up so that you can build up enough airspeed to get the wings flying again. 
As an aside, this is exactly how the Air France flight 447 crashed. The French pilots were unable to operate according to training pilots get in the first days of flight school. Man what a sad pathetic incident. 

The republicans will not win an election again in the foreseeable future. 

The republicans have enhanced capability to cast Tea Party people aside.

No 3rd party will be able to win an election in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, the correct strategy for the republicans is to do Every Single Thing obama and the democrats want to do over the next 4 years starting Right Now, and make it heard throughout the land that this is what they're doing.  "The people have spoken and we will do their bidding by accepting the democrat plan for everything from soup to nuts."

Really. we will have a liberal SC. We are now screwed forever by obammycare.  What more can the democrats do to us that the republicans would have any capability to stop anyway?  Especially since they are nothing more than useless lip service lapdogs.

Then in 4 or 8 or 12 years when the country is a total shithole for everyone to see, the republicans, or a Now Viable 3rd party can run a campaign based on self-evidence that democrat policies have turned this country into a Shithole.  I think this will happen much sooner than most probably do.

I'll even go further and say that the republicans shouldn't even bother running a presidential candidate over the next 8 years at least.

The fiscal cliff will be pinned on the butt of the republican party and it will stick.  Everything else will be pinned to the republicans if they continue to pretend to resist and it will all stick.

Update: Except for Gun Control
Update:  My point about wing stall is this. (I'm glad it occurred to me as it is a perfect analogy)
When overwhelming forces are pushing your plane to the ground, continuing to try to recover without doing the hard thing, which is pointing your nose to the ground and throttling up, can only result in you crashing. No recovery. All aboard are Dead.  Just like flight 447.


  1. Aw, Kid, it's easy to feel bad about our political status now. Yes, we got our asses handed to us by the moochers.

    But it won't always be that way, we have quite a few taxpayers that will object to how things are going, and will Galt out.

    But be sure to read my next post or two. I have a strategy to beat the moochers. Now all we gotta do is spread the word.

    1. Fredd, I'll do that. fwiw, my strategy is based on the fact that the libtards won't learn anything without feeling the pain - we need to hit rock bottom for that to happen, and there can be no question who is responsible. Otherwise we're just treading water and creating a shithole in the process and no one (who needs to) learns anything. No progress.

      Respectfully sir.

  2. We have been heading on this anti- Founding-anti - Constitutional path for a lot longer than I even knew--just read a well documented article on Lincoln !!
    I will be posting on it ASA I have time --

    Did post about this "lighter note" today : - )

    Go ARMY - Beat Navy-
    Today- Dec 8 !!


    1. Carol-CS. I look forward to reading it! I know enemies were always present in our government. The framers knew there would be. It is why the constitution protects individuals so much. Today's kids think everyone is there to help !! Good God !

      Go Navy ! ;-) Just for balance ya know.

  3. It needs to crash before it can be fixed. The republican party is broken and needs to crash too.

    It will be one hell of a mess when it does crash. The societal parasites will suffer much more in my estimation. They have been on the dole for so long they won't be able to provide for themselves when the money stops.

    1. Admiral, My God man, we can look around and see so many people who couldn't make it a week if that. The skills are definitely not there. There is nothing in the bank even of the bank would be open. No food, no nothing. Living supermarket trip to supermarket trip.

      If and When it will be worse than anything that happened before - in this country anyway. It will be a biblical event.

      Tell you what. When you see the people in DC going quiet that will be time to make sure everything is loaded and working.

    2. Boy, your post was depressing enough then I read Admiral's comment and was sorry I got up at 2 AM to do a little commenting until half an Ambien kicks in :)

      I hope to HELL you're all WRONG!!! (but I don't thiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnk so!)


    3. Admiral:

      The social parasites. They will not suffer more, IMO, at least not in the short run. Once they are rendered through the coming economic collapse just the LEAST bit uncomfortable, they will take up arms against those who have stuff that they do not. And they will forcibly try and take the stuff, thinking its their RIGHT to have stuff they have not earned.

      Then that's when things get interesting. Since the people whom the parasites are up against usually are armed to the teeth.

  4. Z, I'm afraid you're in denial you gorgeous femme, Like many, who aren't even as good looking !

    This is like near the end of Rome, when the emperor was making horses Senators.

  5. For this President to shake the hand of a Disgusting Korean traitor who sang ´kill those f****** Yankees´, shows that this President has no Love or sense of patriotism for America or the American soldiers who died giving south Korea its freedom. Shame on him, his wife, and all the others who were there with him, and those who voted for this disaster..

    The Socialist president and his despicable wife is more interested in being an international celebrity then a "American" president and a First Lady than standing up for American's . He agrees with anti-Americanism so of course he was glad to shake the hand of that Korean Rapper Punk who held an ANTI American Rally and said "F" Americans.
    So screw that disgusting Traitor and the horse he rode in on.
    Our Country and Our White House has been taken over with Liberal, Progressive Democrats who are Marxists. So who cares what goes on in the White House anymore. Not me, I'm done getting sick over it. .

    I have stopped getting my blood pressure up over the actions (and inaction´s) of this president, his administration.

    I am but one person and I can´t fight the hordes of minions that have nothing in common with me. I will live my life the best I can and hope my children have a country that they can love is still around when I am gone.

    1. Fabian, Thanks for stoppin by. obama is a Racist(typical whitey, gripping their guns and bibles, countless other comments), Anti-American (Doesn't believe in the First Amendment!! wants his opponents silenced), Muslim Activist (just look at strong arm tactics against Christians and All the giveaways for muslims)

      he's a socialist, fascist, a UN Pussy, and probably a communist. he's an Imbecile reading a teleprompter running his destroy America agenda backed up the democrap media propaganda machine. It couldn't have been much worse in Russia.

      That this country of union members, blacks, latinos, illegal mexicans, women protecting abortion rights, homosexuals and others are either so stupid or dependent - probably both to allow this garbage like obama and michele to stay in the White House, leading what was once the greatest country in the world, is also beyond my interest to get excited about, or continue try to help these ignorant bastards anymore. They can't be helped anyway. The only thing that might hep will be the pain they live through when it all falls apart.

      So, I agree with you 101%. And the republicans would best be served by voting Present on everything that comes down the pike that isn't anti-constitutional or Impeachable.
      Make it known every day from now until it crashes and burns that the democrats are 100% in charge. They own everything that happens from now on no questions asked.

      I expect to be posting Extremely few pieces that are politically motivated.
      Have fun, take care of you and yours, enjoy life man. Protect your assets best you can because this horde of mongrels is coming for them.
      Good Luck Sir.

  6. BTW-looks like you went through ground pilot training and flight trainings too!
    What did you think when the instructor told you to turn off the engine?--I thought it was so exciting!!

    1. Carol-CS, Actually no, I would have loved to but there wasn't any money in "those days". I always loved airplanes though and learned much about them and flying in the process.

      My friend's brother had his single engine pilot's license, and some nights sitting around coffee at his house, he'd talk through some of the flight school stuff. I remember him saying you are always checking the ground and have a spot(s) picked out to try to land if the engine goes.

  7. Oh quit being such a drama queen.

    Capitalism has to go through these cycles, especially with lax regulations and the suckers need to be trimmed every so often.

    "By now you know
    It's not going to stop
    It's not going to stop
    It's not going to stop
    'Til you wise up"

    1. By the time it's all said and done,trimming won't work ? We are going to have to prune this obushma to the ground.Level to the ground. I'm so glad that the ambien is working for you but there those of us who are watching clearheadedly at what damage is being wrought to further weaken America a few days what she embodies .No, trimming just won't do.Maybe a radical prune won't do either.May just kill the who,e thing.Thanks obummer for a toxic garden.

  8. We're not trimming suckers, we're making them. Talk to me in 5-10 years. Tell me how good things are. email this to yourself in the meantime. I'm definitely not a queen honey.