Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If You'd Like to Help A Friend Anonymously For a Very Good Cause

A friend, Bunni - The Amusing Bunni, as listed on my right side bar is in a bad way.  She's been told she has 3-6 months to live with inoperable liver cancer  She is alone, and just needs some money to get her through until...

Here is an excerpt from her story.

I'm diagnosed with HCC, Terminal Liver cancer. It's inoperable, un treatable and fatal. The dr.'s give me 3 to 6 months to live. There's nothing they can do. There are so many tumors, and my liver is very enlarged. One tumor is 9 INCHES big. They can't get them out or do anything. I just will visit the cancer doc probably a few more times, and then it's the palliative care dr.'s who adjust the pain medication. I'm in alot of pain w/ my stomach, and have been for months. I had no idea it was anything like this.
So., there really is nothing to be done or to say, it sucks but it's kind of good knowing that I don't have false hope and doing any treatments (they can't even do chemo) that would prolong things and give me suffering during my last months. I want to try and be as pain free as possible and get my affairs in order, like re-doing my will ,and sorting thru stuff and papers in the house.
The bad part is I have no money, enuf for a few months of mortgage.....

If you can and want to help someone who has been a bright spot on the internet, fighting for our cause in America and giving out a lot more smiles than she probably got back, the donate button is to the right just below the picture.  The story is genuine.

Thank you for any consideration and many thanks for passing this story along if you'd like to.


  1. God Bless you, Kid my friend. That is so very kind of you to write my story and share the donation button. I appreciate your friendship, caring, prayers and help more than you'll ever know.

    Thank you for writing me and your words of wisdom. I hope you have a nice evening, you've brightened mine, and Now I must go rest. Bless you and yours! Love, Bunni

  2. Bunni has been there to lift our spirits when we were down. I hope we can be there for her now, when she needs us.

    1. Opus, Yes, if Bunni isn't deserving of our charity at this time, I don't know who is.
      Thank you.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with her.