Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random Election Thoughts

Updated or not as the evening progresses.


9:11 pm - I predict this will be the highest turnout of voters in our lifetime as a percentage of the population.
9:11 pm -  It is said that if the Republicans cannot win, that they need  a different party, a new beginning, a different message.

-> Conceding that the Republican party is not a Conservative party, I still say no; America needs a new beginning.  If "America" cannot find a way to reject barry soetoro, it is America that needs refreshing.  

9:16 pm - I would not be shocked to discover that the election has been decided ahead of time and is being scripted with numbers flying across TV screens all evening, to arrive at the decided conclusion.  And, believe me, I am NOT a conspiracy nut.

9:20 pm - It seems obvious that every country on Earth is watching the US Election with some level of anticipation. So for perspective, that is how important America is to the world - for a variety of reasons, most of them dependent in nature. imo.

9:43 pm - Just give  NJ to the Democrats, call it good, and leave those people alone !

9:55 - Hey non-violent libs.  I love you but would you please just go take a course on Critical Thinking? tia.


10:58 - Full disclosure. I've been watching the food channel all night.  Seriously.  An occasional refresh on news.google.


  1. Bagger freaks took an ass kicking.

    Obummer was an easy mark but the freaks cost the R's the election.

    Look for the purge of Rove and the rest of the turds to start soon.

  2. Why do I agree w/ Ducky on this one!

    1. Carol-CS, See my next post in about 10 minutes.