Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloodhound SSC has Competition Now.

So, there are two 1,000 MPH cars in the mix now for a 2014 run.


The $4 million car, which weighs 9,000kg fully fueled, will produce 62,000 pounds of thrust,(equivalent to approximately 200,000 horsepower), and is predicted to hit 1,000mph in 20 seconds. 

Click the picture to read the whole article and view more pictures.

This is going to get interesting I think.



  1. Yeah, sporty looking. But what kind of mileage does it get?

  2. Fredd, I don't know, let's see 1,000 MPH in 20 seconds plus deceleration time. Do you have you slide rule or TI Lb326 calculator handy?.. well, Ok 3600 seconds in an hour and the thing is supposed to get to 1000 mph in 20 seconds, so that's 1,000 miles divided by 20 seconds times 3600 seconds is 180,000 units divided by Pi (1.62 rounded) is 111111.111111111111 or one mile per unit of fuel. It looks like the thing holds a hundred gallons of fuel, so the answer should be about 111 miles per gallon. Seems high.

  3. OK, fine. What about trunk space, though? Huh? And leg room? Besides all of that, I'll bet it's a bitch to park....

    1. Fredd,
      Trunk space zero, taken up by headrest
      Leg Room, enough for two of them
      Parking, Not good - it requires a 4 mile turning radius. Double parking only.

      One great feature is the heater. No problem with cabin heat.

    2. PS - Isn't it great that we have these big flat areas to even run the things. Obviously, they were meant to be. God's plan as it were, Unlike Rape which is not God's plan. Good God y'all.

      Didn't that brainless wonder get the memo?? Pro-Life, but obey the current laws. Stop. Shut Up. Desist.