Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is Cool.


I could actually do this if I didn't have to worry about money.

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  1. Kid, If I did not have to worry about money I would want to do allot of things.

    Heres the thing though about this, divorce. The video speaks of no other income based on production but it made me see usurpation as the sole source of of this 'benevolence'.

    One could also see a clear reason for the divorce in the first place.

  2. Christopher, I don't know. She might have been the one with the money and he was a bum. She talks about donations but she obviously sailed a long way before getting any donations.

    I have no idea but think it could go either way, or even down the middle.

    Anyway, I'll give more to a cat or a dog than a person who Should be able to fend for themself. That's what it was about for me.

  3. I've never even thought of such a thing.

  4. Trestin, Wouldn't it be cool to have several hundred cats and dogs around?


    My wife would actually like to have a dog shelter. Lot of work with dogs. Cats not so much if they're spayed/neutered.

  5. People who don't understand how wonderful this is, much less those who haven't even contemplated it are the ones I "Don't Get".

    I think it's wonderful and that lady is a saint, and she
    shouldn't be judged without knowing about her circumstances. Like you said, Kid, the guy might have been a bum and the reason for the divorce!

    I'd rather help out animals than people any day!
    I'd say your post was eye opening, also to see some peoples attitudes on several subjects ;-)

  6. Hi Bunni, Well, animals can be a lot work and are not for everybody. I don't hold anything against someone that wouldn't want a full time caretaker job.

    I think people who have pets are great people, but many that don't also cannot for many reasons like too much traveling or simply don't believe in animals of any kind in the house.

    But she's got a nice shelter there. I hope she spays and neuters. There are simply too many orphan or stray animals.

  7. (-:
    I seem to be drawn to people who like cats-
    My neighbor - my friend and her husband and I-- all rescue cats!! and I have rescued several dogs and a horse too!!
    Bet you and your wife enjoy the company of an animal or two!!

  8. Carol-CS, we have 5 cats and a beagle in a wheelchair currently.

    A few years ago, when we had time, we fostered dogs and orphan kittens, bottle feeding and all of that. It was sometimes painful for some who didn't make it but mostly it was a lot of fun. We got the majority of them adopted out in pairs too.

    I got some video, if I ever get some time, I think I'll put a little vid together of them and post it.

  9. If you combined this with a small arms shooting gallery for moving targets, it would be the perfect place! ;0)