Friday, April 1, 2011

Initial Libya Mission Complete, Successful, Gates Says

Isn’t that Exactly The Same Thing as a banner on a returning Aircraft Carrier that says Mission Accomplished?



  1. Just who does not believe that the United States heads up, supplies or in actual reality runs NATO?

    Just who, certainly not Al Quida (sp?), are they trying to have buy this crap?

  2. Christopher, yea, the mission is neither complete or successful. The mission as it came down from the UN was to secure a no-fly zone and keep kadaffi from murdering 'the rebels'.

    Since kadaffi is still murdering the rebels, the mission is no where near compete.

    obama repeatedly said kadaffi must go. he now realizes that probably isn't going to happen so now he has to start rewriting history and claim the mission complete for the US< and now if anything goes wrong it is the fault of NATO, the French and everyone else involved.

    Which is exactly what I said in my last post. I'm not trying to make out that I'm smart. It's just simple to calculate the next move of people who are 100% incompetent!

    What did so many people expect from a guy that has No Experience at Anything! Unreal.

    Cluster Fuck.
    His juvenile supporter probably don't know the difference because they don't have any experience at anything either.

    This is exactly what I said about him a year before he was elected
    -Bullshit salesman
    -Empty suit
    -No experience
    among other things, and again, I'm no genius so what the fuck were people thinking ?

    He says we can eliminate the need for ME oil by inflating our fucking tires and people are passing out in front of him?

    What kind of a country do we live in?

  3. Trestin, Yes you are right. At least the mission Was complete for that aircraft carrier and crew coming back and in the sense that the Iraq army was defeated.

    What happened from there was a new mission.

    As I said to Christopher, this is no where near compete as it was even minimally defined by the UN.