Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There is Way Too Much Human Garbage on The Loose

Krista Dittmeyer, 20, went missing on Friday after her car was found in a parking lot with her baby daughter inside. She was found Wednesday near Duck Pond, in the eastern section of the state, Jane Young, a spokeswoman from the New Hampshire's Attorney Generals Office said.

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Crap. I don't think it's hard to envision what happened here. Peace be with her family and friends. 20 year old mother...

This is not really my style to post such stories and I apologize for making any reader unhappy or uncomfortable by seeing it, but Damn, am I getting tired of reading about these fine people being put through meat grinders, usually by parole's, sexual predator parole's or worse. I have no idea what happened, but I'll bet I wont' be surprised to find out what the situation was if and when we do.

The legal system gets more lax by the day, and the heinous crime statistics seem to get worse by the minute. There is something seriously wrong here and it's not getting better with sociopaths in charge, atheists clamoring to not be offended by visible signs of religion, gay activists sexing each other in the street at their festivals in San Fran, Child Sex organizations in plain sight, ... seems the list is endless.


  1. Man's inhumanity towards man is certainly on full display.

  2. Yea, world peace, what an infantile absurd joke that is.

  3. Hey Kid - it's unbelievably horrible out in today's world. What American's would blush about just a few years ago is now common place and welcomed in society. It's sick - Violent criminals, sexual predators all let out of prison or even worse - slapped on the wrist of the court with a "don't do it again" attitude. MERCY

  4. DeanO, yes, I guess this is what satan is all about.

    Regardless anyone's stance on religion, they Can't ignore the struggle between good and evil on this rock.

  5. Indeed - Satan as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour

  6. my thoughts exactly-
    remember Huckabee and his 'compassionate' release of criminals who then went on and to perpetuate the exact crimes for which they were placed in jail-(one for life!)--rape - murder-one murdered 4 or 6 officers of the law--
    that is why I will never support Mike Huckabee..

  7. Carol-CS. Exactly. The biggest of (or certainly very high on the list) Liberal Flaws is the inability to understand that raw evil exists.

    It can't be dealt with, cured, or made to be anything else. It likes evil. It is committed to evil. It must be banished.

    A man raped and killed a 12 yr old girl in Cincinnati - I'll say last year. He was a black man over the age of 30. He was in prison for raping a woman, then killing and burning the body. He wasn't in prison long before they sent him to a "halfway house".
    he was kicked out of the halfway house [onto the street] for being violent. WTF?
    Why was he let out in the 1st place?
    Why was he allowed to run loose?
    Why when the 'authorities' find out about this they want to 'Examine the procedures at the halfway house???' WTF??
    Death by a thousand cuts.

    Anyway, at his trial and sentencing the girsl family called him a monster. He agreed he was a monster and as happy that someone was finally going to deal with him. He was given the death penalty this time. Will he actually be at least separated from society for the rest of his life?

  8. It's a direct consequence of the embrace of cultural Marxism.

  9. Trestin, I can agree with that.