Thursday, April 21, 2011

It’s A Good Thing We Have Obama versus Bush

Obama has kept the war and our occupation in Iraq going.

Obama has Escalated the war in Afghanistan.

Obama has been blowing various Pakistani’s up using Unmanned drones with Hellfire Missiles.  He must know what he’s doing !

Obama is torturing that Poor Bradley Manning for months, and now is going to ship him to Leavenworth so he can mingle with the population and be gang raped on a regular basis. Good Luck Bradley.

Obama will continue torturing ‘detainees’ at Gitmo by refusing to close the place down.  Git dem suckas !

Obama is going to maintain his 1.6 Trillion Deficits as far as the eye can see or until he is ejected from office. How much can we spend ! Yahoooo !

Obama refuses to meet with, talk to, or listen to Republicans ! Wheeee!

Obama’s Big Oil Buddies are Cleaning Up !  And there is no more of that nasty talk of ‘windfall profits’.  Outstanding !

Obama still supports NUKES! (yuk) even after the major problems they are having with Chernobyl part II over in Japan !  Whooopie !

Obama blew the crap out of a country that NEVER Attacked Us. Libya.  Yeaaa!

Obama is now sending unmanned drones to Libya to blow the crap out of Libyans who never attacked us !  Yippeeeeeee

And all the while he opens new theaters in Harms Way, and puts our sons and daughters there to be maimed and killed, he is defunding the military like a Redneck stops paying for his Trans Am after a couple months ! Thas the Fak Jak !

And he refuses to meet with the families of the very same people he sends in to fight who lose their loved ones.  Damn that Bush for meeting with hundreds of them.

Can you imagine what would be happening with BUSH still in there !?!

Oh wait, maybe all this isn’t such a good thing at all…..

In Obama’s defense though, he did F* up health care and he made it so gays in the military are going to have a Hell of a hard time going forward ! woohoo!

Can you believe that most of the people that supported obama STILL support the lying, empty suit Loser ?  Wowsa.  Maybe they’re not paying attention.


  1. Obma - The new star of "clueless" and's all still Bush's fault. Imagine that!!

  2. DeanO, In a sense it is hilarious. In another sense we got a large percentage of the population with highly suspect brains !

  3. The important thing is he looks smart and makes people feel good. That evil Bush never even bothered to use a teleprompter.

  4. Damn that Bush !

    obama is out campaigning. He says he needs a LOT more time to get something done. Ya Think ?? heheh

  5. He hasn't stop campaigning since his immaculation.

  6. Lady, he doesn't know how to do anything else.

    Which you're aware no doubt.