Saturday, April 9, 2011

John Boehner is Pathetic

38 Billion in spending cuts ?? Against a 1.6 Trillion deficit ?

1.6 Trillion is 1,600 (One Thousand, 600) Billion.

38 billion is a rounding error.

I can only hope someone who has America's interest at heart, like a Tea Party member, will run against him in 2012.

And the democrat media is now fawning all over him. What does that tell you, as if you needed anything else.


  1. And it's only six months. That means it's larger than his original budget.

  2. What it means is that we have to keep sending fiscal conservatives to D.C. to replace the dems and progressives in both parties. It's hardly to fair to expect instantaneous budget cuts under the current circumstances. Let's see what happens with Ryan's 2012 budget proposal and make sure we send WAAAAY more conservatives to D. C. in 2014 AND in 2016. And if need still be in 2020. This was never going to be solved in six months, so while we all wish it was or that it could be, we just need to take our responsibility for sending many more reinforcements to help the good guys. And yes, Boehner is a good guy.

  3. Trestin, yes, it's nothing. It is a nickel flying out the side window of a Limo. DC can flush 38 billion in the wink of an eye with an earmark or two.

  4. Fuzzy, I hate disagreeing with you but I have to.

    I realize Michele Bachmann's agenda as she verbalizes it is candy for the conservatives but it's not realistic for the two years. It's mostly lip service til then.

    I do think they could have easily played hardball here and got the 105 billion that went on the back door of the HC bill that funds obamacare this year. If nothing else, make obama use dictatorial powers as he has been to continue advancing the agenda.

    And 100 billion versus 1.6 Tln is still nothing.

    John Boehner may be a 'good guy' but he is not tea party, and is far too willing to 'reach across the aisle'. No Mr Boehner, you don't have to work with the president. We voted you in and the others to work against the president.

    Funding is the only tool in their shed until 2012 and they threw it away. I now expect Zero resistance over the next two years.

    But opinions are always welcome here. :)

  5. Fuzzy, Well, I only disagree ont he Boehner part. Sending more conservatives to replace RINO's and Dems is all we've got left and is the only thing we can do regardless.

    Then if They don't perform, I toss it all in and go back to a life of sex drugs and rock and roll. I hope I'm not too old. Hmmm.

  6. Naw, it's cool to disagree now and then, keeps things interesting. :) I'm not one of those who's going to freak out, call you names, and "unfriend" like a bitty baby just because we aren't a hundred percent on the same page a hundred percent of the time. ;)

    I do see what you are saying, but no matter what Boehner did, the reality is that the Senate and the WH have to approve (well, the president has to sign it), so I'm cutting some slack until we have a majority, hopefully a good-sized one, in the Senate, too. Also a good time to put a conservative in the WH (that I know you agree with, heh).

    I wouldn't have had any problem at all with a shut down, btw, but I don't think it would have mattered to the dems/BO, and it may have gone badly for our side. The thing we all need to start thinking about is how to overcome the LSM's lock on the majority of Americans who just aren't paying attention and believe what they see and hear without question. Reaching them is far more important right now than bitching about Boehner coming in short on the pledge thing (which we all knew was crap and blogged that we knew it was crap at the time).

    I'm not giving up on Boehner yet, but he needs more "troops" up there in D. C. And WE are the ones who can send them in the next few election cycles.

    It's slow going, but that's how our system works. Thankfully. Sucks for it to be slow when it's going in the right (in both senses of the word!) direction, but it's a damn good thing when it's going the wrong (far far left) way.

  7. I'm definitely too old for sex, drugs, and rock n' rolling. Which I guess is okay because if we lose, we'll be literal slaves to the state. Not much sex, drugs, and rock n' roll in that.

  8. Fuzzy, I know you're not a lightweight.

    Well, we've gone 3 rounds on this one. Let's see how things continue. I'll be paying attention.

    When you say that a shutdown may have gone badly for our side, I see it as an opportunity to bring up how much the red team's marketing skills suck. A lot of why we're the mouse and they're the cat right now is because of that problem. They just refuse to defend themselves. That alone makes confused people assume they Can't defend themselves. Not good.

    Personally, I feel like I'm surrounded by Tokyo Rose's when I peruse the news.

    The liberals will never vote conservative and vice-versa, so when we talk about these things we can assume we are talking about independents who have some brain power, just not 100%. The repubs and tea party have to find a way to reach those people day in and day out so that when janet for example, tells us the border is more secure than ever, we All know how pathetic it is.

    Too many people are turned off by the few talking heads we've got that send a consistent message. Rush is hated by the blacks for example.

  9. Believe me, I'm sick to death of the GOP's flaccid "messaging," they have no idea how to deal with leftists. I wish they'd wise up. Fast.

    This may cheer you up, though: Crazy propagandist state "journalist" attacks Paul Ryan, and he calmly trounces the punk hack. A thing of beauty:

  10. As to the lies that they tell, Janet saying the border's safer, BO making outrageous claims only to be caught in lie after lie within minutes. . . this is what I'm talking about. How can we reach the people who hear the first declaration but not the fact that it's pure lies? I think that if the GOP is going to suck at it, then maybe we can do it. A lot of TEA Party groups, for example, are starting to put ads on tv about the lies and bs, and that's a start (of course, they may not be able to air them on state tv channels). But cutting through the crap is needed, people who aren't into politics like we are just have no idea that what they are hearing is bull . . crud. They believe it. So they don't know to look into it, to surf the internet for truth or even to switch on Fox. They just sit there, sort of drooling and nodding, and eat it up.

  11. Fuzzy, thanks for the Ryan vid. I really do enjoy seeing someone as focused and able to verbalize the problem without the violence. How I long for someone to just say - Look the Democrat Agenda is full blown socialism, and conservatives are for the capitalist system that has got us 300 years of a consistently better standard of living decade after decade.

    Pick a side. No insults, no violence, just put everything you have into it and make your case to the American voters why you think that makes America better and let's let the voters decide.

    That's really what it boils down to. Pick a side. Defend your side to yourself if nothing else. Socialism cannot be defended when all is accounted for.

    Reagan kept it simple "Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago." That's what people understand.

    Let's keep it simple.

    Ryan's got a good persona/intelligence/verbal skills

  12. Fuzzy, that's what I'm afraid of. There are a lot of independents who are young and lack life and other experience to realize the country is on a path to ruin. They may have to actually get there before it sinks in.

    And people love to listen to the words they already believe.

    I wonder if it's always been this extreme. I guess so if I have to guess. Even though I am 58, I didn't even vote until 2000 and came out to vote against Gore. heheh

  13. Yep, they need to call it what it is and let everyone know. Americans would take a stand. Big time. Just like we did and are.

    And I love Paul Ryan. He's intelligent, articulate, and serious without being superior and condescending (in other words, he's secure and comfortable in his own skin, unlike BO, who's clearly neither).

  14. I completely agree! Tea Party members asked for AT LEAST $100 billion in cuts. They barely made the 1/4 mark. That means he got a 38% on his report card. This cannot pass, and we must voice our concerns. True, Democrats were nasty by not trying to compromise, but he should've been firmer. He is the House Speaker afterall...SHOW SOME LEADERSHIP.

  15. No, no, no. This wasn't the GOP budget, this was the last year's budget that the dems never passed. To borrow a well-worn phrase from the clown in the WH, Boehner "inherited" this budget. What's left of the fiscal year 2011 (remember, they've been passing extensions all along) was all that was on the table, and of that, most of it was not going to be touched. Here, read this, it should help clarify:

    The point, though, is that the 2012 budget, Ryan's budget, IS the GOP budget. It's not perfect, and it doesn't cut near what needs to be cut, but even with that budget--one from the GOP, not from last year when the GOP had teensy minorities and did the best they could to fight ObamaCare, the EPA, the FCC, etc., but now with a majority in the House, they STILL won't be able to force it through. The Senate has to pass any bill before it can go to the President to be signed into law. This is basic civics, people. Boehner did what he could with what he had and within the system we all are fighting to protect and preserve. It's a good system, but it does mean that no one can run amok, including in a good, fiscally-responsible way.

  16. ndh777, I agree of course.

    To me it is particularly distasteful that they come out of a closed door meeting, which may have been by phone, whatever, and say - we have come to some agreement/compromise.

    Based on what ? I admit I don't read a lot of 'news' so maybe there was some information given.

    As it is - are we to guess that Boehner was threatened in some way? Was it that some other compromise would be given in the other direction in the near future??? What?

    I'm not satisfied. I believe they could have defunded obamacare for the year or made the Dems look like bad in the process.

    Obama came out and said, I was voted in. I must assume people want what I'm passing out. (in so many words) Why can't Boehner say 'We were voted in to repeal obamacare or at the very least defund it through 2012. We are doing the will of the people, just like you claimed'.

  17. Fuzzy, I hear what you're saying. I understand 1/3rd of Government isn't going to be driving the car.

    I still find it unacceptable for them to put up such a superficial fight only to give in without coming to blows.

  18. Bottom line: holding their feet to the fire is a good thing. A necessary thing, we all know how they will just sink back into big-spending crazy land if we let up. BUT we can't expect them to end-run around the Constitution to do what we want. THAT is why we have to send more conservatives to D. C., it is only with majorities and the WH that they can do what you are all expecting them to do now. They're doing great, but we need to send more votes to help them make the cuts that are needed.

    In the meantime, we keep pressing for the defunding of everything we can: Planned Parenthood, NPR, every damn thing that they toss our money into that is either partisan or unethical or just plain stupid (and that list is long). We keep letting them know that we fully intend to see cuts, more of them, that we are here and we are watching. But they are all we have. Period. And right now, there is too large an establishment GOP contingent up there, and far far too many democrats. Only we can change that. And it's high time we all take responsibility for ensuring that happens.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.

  19. It's not just the 1/3 (or more accurately 1/2 of 1 of those thirds), it's that the other 1/2 of that third and another full third are required to get anything done. What would you have Boehner do? Seriously? How's he going to force the Senate, majority Dems, to pass something that they oppose? How's he going to force the president to sign it? Being angry is one thing, disappointed, whatever, but realistically, they just don't have the numbers, and given what they DO have, Boehner did amazing. I know you can't see it, but what else could he do? (realistically)

  20. Fuzzy, you may be the voice of reality here. I understand what you're saying. The only thing I want to defund is obmacare. 2 years form now it may be too late.

    Maybe as Trestin and I mused some months ago, the states may be the only thing left to save America.

  21. Fuzzy, Well....... ( as Ronald would say) I don't have any experience in DC, But:

    they shutdown government in 1995 in a far less serious environment.

    obama and his administration are incompetent which would fill my sails if I were in position.

    Tea party members have proposed various ways to get a lot more than the 38 in 6 months - or 72 bln in a year if we carry forward. (was that lip service? Maybe)

    I think past events lend optimism to the current situation that more could have been done. That's my baseline thought.

  22. There is nothing I want more than ObamaCare defunded and repealed. It's the worst thing imaginable for this country.

    And we keep pushing for that.

    The states are fighting it, it will end up in the Supreme Court, and it will be overturned there. Speaking of which, where's New Jersey's suit against it? Oh? Non existent? I have serious doubts about Christie (and not just on that).

    But the states aren't our last hope, they're our safety net. Made so by the founders. If it comes to the states saving our nation, we're going to have to be pretty far broken. And I don't want to see that. 2012 is the single-most important presidential (AND congressional, and state) election cycle in our lifetime. Maybe in our nation's history.

  23. In 1995, the GOP had both the House and the Senate (and by very large margins in the House and a comfortable majority in the Senate), the dems had only the WH.

  24. Fuzzy, I never got the total warm and fuzzy on Christie. Not sure why yet but I think there is something there.

    I agree 2012 is THE election of our lifetimes as well as the next 3 or 4 generations.

    And generally speaking, people seem all too willing to hop on to the first conservative sounding person that appears on Youtube(Christie). The natural course of events will normalize that somewhat but still.

    As an aside, someone sent me a video of Rand Paul taking the D of Energy to task a bit regards lightbulbs and toilets, and thought it was great. My own take was that by the end the woman fro the DoE was basically laughing at him and in the end he difused the whole thing saying well he always wanted to rant about these things. That's not someone I want in the White House.
    As a small example.

  25. We're pouncing because the field sucks rocks. Here's another take on it (related to Trump) that I found uber-interesting:

    The Pauls are fine, as long as they stay in Congress. I'm not a fan.

  26. Fuzzy, Ok. Why is there any discussion then? Why not just give in to the majority (senate and obama) and be done with it?)

  27. LOL as if!

    Okay, you, I'm getting sleepy, but thanks for that last giggle before I hit the sack. I love talking to you!

  28. Fuzzy, the main thing I like about Trump is he is not a politician. :)

  29. Fuzzy, why thank you - coming from you. You're a smart woman/person.

    I also enjoy reading you and talking to you.

    I've actually had a few so yea, a few more comments and you'd have put me on the canvas. hahaha - (all in fun with this last comment, there is no canvas..)

  30. As I have said before on other blogs, I would like to see a veto proof congress in my lifetime. Even if the congress (both houses) and President is Republican, the Pres. could be a lightweight. Especially if the Pres. is a Dem.
    The people have not woken from their slumber, in the case of the Dems holding onto the Senate (maybe the votes were fraudulent, such as Harry Reid tally's, etc...). I know, not that many Senators were up for re-election, but a couple ousted would have a slim majority for the Repubs/or a easier filibuster.

  31. Very interesting take on this, Kid, from Dan Reihl :

  32. Sold out; lock, stock and barrel by Boner.

  33. at least Trump aint afraid to call it the way he sees it!..hope alls well KID despite our gummint!

  34. They Say, Well, I believe all spending bills have to go through the House. I continue to feel that we could have de-funded obamacare for the year by forcing that 105 billion back under it's rock.

  35. Fuzzy, obviously, I agree with RWV.

    And of course none of us now what actually went on behind closed doors but his take os probably not very accurate.

    I think John Boehner feels he needs to try and satisfy as many voters as possible. Being pastel. However it is proven in recent history (last 3-4 decades) that republicans only win when they are bold colors. The Tea Party and Conservatism combined with nana pelosi's brain dead performance and obama's dictatorial actions and executive performance resulted in a House majority.

    Again, Let's lead or try to, explaining in great detail why these things are so important (marketing). If we fail, just having people see what we all know will be happening coming true over the next 2 years is billions of dollars of advertising for free.

    Mainly, let's be conservatives. If we are voted out for that then they can have this thing.

    If we won in 2012 and all I see happening is cutting spending and fiscal responsibility, without removing these liberal tumors we have sucking the life out of the country, I will feel as if nothing happened.
    The Dems will regain power and start up right where they left off as they have been doing since LBJ.

    Sorry if I'm repeating myself.

  36. Admiral, I don't think sold out, I just think confused, lack of confidence that conservatism can win the day.

  37. Woman all is well. :) How does that go? Give me the strength to change what I can and not have a heart attack over what I cannot. something like that.

    I'm wondering if Trump isn't setting himself up to be just another lightning rod like Sarah Palin.

  38. Fuzzy, Sorry friend but today the details of the cuts were released. The House got Nothing. They didn't even get de-funding NPR or Abortions for sluts. Not that either of these we immediately important for me.

    I'm not happy with the performance of the House on this, particularly John Boehner. When 70% of America sends you to Washington to defund obamacare, you need to do that or come out of it bloodied.

    And John is not being honest by saying he only has 1/2 of 1/3rd of government. All spending Has to go through the House. Plus he has the majority in the House. At the very least he has a full 1/3rd.

    And with 70% against obamacare, you may was well say 100% because surely 30% of America are in the tank morons who would go along with Anything obama wanted to do. Just as 4% unemployment is realistically considered to be 0%.

  39. That's fine, Kid, but I just hope that you and many who feel as you do don't just give up because one election didn't change the world. Or even the country. It's going to take longer than that, more than one election cycle, and we need to just keep replacing the losers with good conservatives until we get what we want. That means settling in for the long-haul.

    This sense that I'm getting from conservatives is that if the budget isn't miraculously balanced by 2012, they'll just give up, not work for TEA Party candidates, not vote, not care. And if that's the way of it, we're well and truly screwed. WE can change things, but WE, the people, need to take that responsibility and stop sitting around expecting miracles over night.

    Bitching is fine, even healthy, but giving up is just not an option. At least not for me (nor I suspect for you).

  40. Fuzzy, I think a lot of that 'give up' vibe comes from the democrat media. Trying to tell 'us' what to think and how to respond. Same as how hard they are pushing Romney.

    Anyway, we're in total agreement - I will vote against Socialism while hopefully voting For Conservatives regardless of what they call themselves (as long as it isn't democrat) for as long as I can make it to the voting booth. Which should be a good while !

    Have a great fun evening I hope.