Monday, April 11, 2011

GM Bailout a Huge Mistake

Similar to things Jimmy Carter put in place, these are the kind of things that can haunt a country for decades.

A Steering Wheel Comes Off A Chevy Cruze

Are you kidding me? A steering wheel ? I've worked on cars, stem to stern and the one thing that I would Never expect to have happen to a car would be for the steering wheel to come off. Seriously. The very Last Thing I would ever expect to see happen to a car.

In the cars I worked on, the steering wheel center had a female splined hole that was pressed over a male splined shaft and was further held on with a nut. Even if you took the nut off, you still needed a special steering wheel puller to get the steering wheel off the shaft. You would not be able to pull the wheel off the shaft after removing the nut by hand. No how, no way.

Honestly folks, this is unbelievable.


  1. I think GM has become the new Yugo.

  2. Ahhh, The Government Motors 0bama car, manufacturing at it's finest. It's cheap, it's efficient, it absolutely dangerous and it's a JOKE much like the 0bama administration.

    Yes I know, Joke administrations have been devastating to the country. Can you say the Carter years Redux.

  3. They will need another bail out to fix this problem

  4. Fuzzy's dad, something tells me when the weak can get free money they will always be weak.

    This will be going on a long time, unless we get some real conservatives running things.

    I really think they should have failed. Someone would have bought them and made a healthy company out of it.

  5. Trestin, I think they have.

  6. Admiral, Carter at least liked America - I think.

  7. What you're forgetting is that President Obama inherited an "unprecedented" economic crisis. I'm sure that if we hadn't had those two "unfunded wars" and an "unpaid for tax cut," that steering wheel would've stayed on.

    Plus, we must realize just how many steering wheels were "saved" as a result of the President's bailout. Had he not "acted swiftly and decisively" the crisis in steering wheel malfunctions would've reached "catastrophic proportions" :-)

  8. Justin, Everything obama does is unfunded. No doubt you're one of the people that thinks 300 billion deficit is the end of the world, but 1.6 trillion is not big deal, and is of course Bush's fault.

    Btw, I've criticized Bush plenty of times so let's not go there.

    How can you possibly connect the Iraq and Afghanistan war with a diseased car company, about to die from the cancer of the UAW gone wild? You can't of course; the whole premise is infantile and reeks of mindless derangement syndrome. Even in some fairyland daydream you could somehow connect government funds and deficits with GM, a private freaking company, WTF did the government have to do with GM when all this was going on?

    A lot more steering wheels would be saved if GM was allowed to die, then be resurrected under new owners and management as a healthy car company. As it is, GM left to fester as the open wound that it is will either stay under the government's wing and turn into the Yugo car company of America or will just die somewhere down the road.

    I personally will never buy an American car. All the parts come from other countries, so they're not American cars anyway. And the money for those parts goes out of country to pay for them so forget that argument. American cars are ugly and lack quality. Cheap cookie cutter rust buckets with complicated parts designed to fail all along the way in an idiotic attempt to bring revenue back to the dealerships to fix the junk.

    My Toyota is 85% American parts and labor and is number 5 on the list for American made so get your head out of your ass or head back to the kiddie table where you have a chance of holding your own in a conversation. :-)

    Take a look about 2 inches up the page and you'll find me ripping John Boehner a new one. That's because I'm not some mindless political tool like you are.

    Do yourself a favor and spend more than 2 seconds a day researching how shit works, and don't do it somewhere other than msnbc.

    President obama does nothing swiftly and decisively. he has no experience at anything other than race baiting and teaching black people how to game the system. he went to harvard on affirmative action and failed to get a grade level he is willing to publish. he's a bullshit salesman, an empty suit and a teleprompter reader. he sits around like a child waiting for someone to write a speech for him and tell him what to do. he is every incompetent piece of garbage who's only talent is figuring out how to take credit for other people's work and blaming all his fuck ups on someone else.

    Finally the 'economic crisis' was mainly orchestrated by Democrat politicians forcing fannie and freddie and the other mortgage companies to give loans to people who couldn't afford a big mac with fries. Of course, it's a little more complicated that that, but at the heart of it, this is what it is. In fact, everything implemented by democrats going all the way back to LBJ is an abject failure.

    You want to give someone chit on the interwebs go find someone without many neurons to rub together like yourself.

    Now look real hard, you'll probably find a speeling or grammatical error that you can come and rack me on, since the content is, I'm sure, completely lost on you.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Justin, Oops,. actually look DOWN a couple inches for my sintilating take on the patheticness of J Boehner.

  10. "Do yourself a favor and spend more than 2 seconds a day researching how shit works, and don't do it somewhere other than msnbc."

    I'm a conservative libertarian. Had you bothered to track back and check out my blog prior to instantaneously vomiting the knee-jerk contents of your brain onto the Internet, you would've understood that my comment was meant to mock Obama. I thought it would be funny and would be clearly understood as such. Apparently, I grossly overestimated your intelligence. Rest assured I will not make the same mistake again. Have a wonderful life.

  11. Justin, Ok, thanks for being one of the good guys.

    But, It's not MY responsibility to go read your blog to figure out where you're coming from. It's You're responsibility to give me a hint that you're being sarcastic. I saw none in your comment. I re-read it and still don't.

    You did too good an impression of a brain dead obama supporter.

    Really? I'm supposed to read your mind? Go do a bunch of research before commenting back to a seeming Bush Derangement Syndrome victim? When there are still Tons of them around?

    I think you'll find similar experiences commenting like that (without giving a hint) all over the conservative blog-o-sphere.
    My opinion of course.

    Thank you again for fighting the good fight, but... again, from my perch, it is getting Real serious out there, and I have decided to not go with the gentle approach anymore. Thank you for letting me know where you're coming from.