Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gee, Looks like the Productive People are The Problem Again

Many will disagree with me and that is absolutely fine, but I really find it very disconcerting that so many people are willing to believe that 'entitlement programs', mainly Social Security is the problem.

They're a big part of the budget, but SS wouldn't be a problem if LBJ didn't steal the money.

Anyway, are they talking about cutting Welfare that pays non-contributors ? WIC that pays women to pop kids out like pieces of toast into crime ridden zero opportunity environments ?

Are they talking about throttling their rabid lawyer buddies who have raped the entire medical industry and turned it into a financial nightmare?

No, they want to take from the productive contributing members of society.  Again.

After they've stolen and pissed away the SS money; after they destroyed the housing market then took 30 Trillion dollars* of your future money, your kids and their kids and their kids money and now they want you to think that You are the problem. That You are being greedy because you might want a few years of rest from the salt mines before you die. Years that You paid for up front !

*The Fed ‘gave’ the Banks and Wall Street, domestic and foreign, 30+ trillion dollars as of about a year ago in the form of buying their worthless monopoly money mortgage paper so that They could have a Do-Over.

Are you kidding me ?

We can and should be doing better for the people that make this country what it is.

The first step is to stop accepting this bullshit by making it a major voting issue.

This period in time will go down as the middle class being taken for the biggest rise in the history of mankind.  Most people don’t even know what is happening to them.



  1. exactly my friend..hand outs and more hand outs..UGH!

  2. Buying voters Woman. Should be illegal.

  3. Hey Kid...kaboom; home run. "Most people don’t even know what is happening to them."
    This - simple but true statement is the catalyst of this American ideology today, or I'd like to add "apathy" a mindless generation content to feed of the government and the middle class - never desiring to make their own way in life. Sad isn't it. Let's just keep dumbing down the populous.

  4. I say we cut them all. You have a good point about LBJ robbing the treasury.

  5. @DeanO, Thank you sir. I'd say you also summed it up pretty well.

    @Trestin, I could live with SS being privitized and mandatory, unless you can prove you won't need it, and such like that.

    Medicare could be cut easily by throttling the vampire lawyers.

    I understand Medicaid could be cut.

    But I stand by my point that we must find ways to make government responsible in some meaningful way, not us, for these problems.

    Most of the politicians who have created this problem kicked the can down the road and are gone.

  6. And the more people dependent on the government, the more voters for Obama.
    Obama spends more time talking to the kids now because they can still be brainwashed.

  7. Lady, Yes, that is what the Facebook thing was all about. That is what the billion dollar campaign is all about.

    he never talked to people with experience. he couldn't. he's going after the kids. Well, there are a lot of dependents out there - enough to be scary.

    If you're performance is good why do you even need a million to campaign?